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Mrs. Elizabeth Green
Jasper Courier
Friday January 20, 1882

The funeral ceremony of Mrs. Elizabeth Green will take place at Shiloh, on  the 22nd of January, 1882. She was the wife of W. P. Green, and in her sacred remembrance, we would say that all would do well to follow her loving example.
To say she was kind would portray but a faind idea of the loving manner she always extended to her many friends, and as a mother and wife she was devoted. Her home was a place of sunshine and love. At home, she duly administered to the wants of her now lonely family. How sad, when we look around and see so many home comforts her hands have made, to know they are stilled forever. No more will her kind voice be heard through the now lonely room, or her welcome to the children on their return from school. We often think of the pleasant days we have spent together, and how sad the thought that Bettie will visit us no more. And yet what happiness to us, that one dear sister is safely housed in her father's house, free from trouble, toil or pain. How often she has talked to me of her Heavenly prospects and her great desire that her children should be brought up as Christians.. Twice had she folded baby hands in death, and the pinings of her mother heart was never appeased while on earth. But a sacred reunion has been formed in Heaven. Mother and children must part no more! What a sacred thought. May we all live so that when death shall come "swan like and sweet like her, it will waft us home............E. G.