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Ireland Flour Mill Burns
Jasper Courier
Friday September 22, 1882

Incendarism! Ireland Mills Destroyed!
Last Friday morning our citizens were surprised to learn that the torch of the incendiary had again been used in our neighboring village of Ireland. This is the 3rd disastrous fire in the village this year, and all supposed to be incendiary. The building was set on fire in one corner of the engine house about one o'clock in the morning, and the fire had enveloped the whole mill nearly before the lurid glare of the consuming flames awakened any of the citizens.  John Norman, the principal business manager was in Evansville at the time and the fiend who did the dastardly work had chosen an opportune time, when Mr. N's watchful presence was withdrawn.
This mill had been thoroughly overhauled last year, and the latest machinery introduced and was doing a large custom and merchant work. The loss is estimated at from $9,000 to $10,000 and includes a quantity of flour and about 2,500 bushels of wheat which were in it at the time. We are informed that Mr. Norman does not intend to rebuild. There was no insurance carried by the firm. The loss to the town of Ireland, if it is not rebuilt, will be a great deal more than the value of the mill, as it was essentially the life almost of that heretofore thriving town. There was a rumor at the time that a horse had also been stolen, but this turned out to be unfounded, as the horse was on the farm. The cause of this act is a mystery, as the mill was a source of profit and a great accommodation to all that neighborhood.