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Mrs. Kuebler Injured
Jasper Courier
Friday April 1, 1881

SIDEWALK ACCIDENT: On last Sunday as the estimable wife of S. Kuebler was walking to church in company with her nephew, Mr. Dupps, on one of the rickety short plank sidewalks, she stepped on the end of one of the planks and it tipped up just in time to catch her foot and throw her violently to the ground, cutting and bruising her face and injuring her severely. The town is liable for heavy damages therefore, as the walk is not made in compliance with the specifications of the ordinance. If it was, such and accident would be impossible.  Whether Mr. Kuebler will prosecute or not, we are not informed. But one thing we do know, and that is, that compelling every property owner to put his sidewalks in good fix should be an issue in the coming election of Trustees so that if a ticket is elected on this issue, in favor of good walks, the people cannot complain if harsh means enough are used to enforce the ordinances to the letter and compel everyone to do their duty.