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George Leming
Jasper Courier
Friday March 23, 1883

George Leming was the brother of John Leming, of Dubois County
Death of George G. Leming: Our citizens were startled on Tuesday by the announcement that one of our best known men, Geo. G. Leming of Jefferson Township had, this morning, dropped dead. Mr. Leming has for years been affected with heart disease, and was aware that the end, when it did come, if from this cause, would be instantaneous, and his relatives were in some measure prepared for his sudden demise, yet it was a terrible blow to the faithful wife and affectionate children, one moment with life, strength and activity, and the next lying in the cold embrace of death.
Mr. Leming was born in Clermont County, Ohio April 19, 1830. For a number of years he was employed as a compositor on the newspapers in his native and other states. At the breaking out of the rebellion he enlisted in the 26th Ind. Vols. and served in the ranks for three years. He came to Kansas in 1872 and took up a claim in Jefferson Township, this county, which has ever since been his home. Mr. Leming was of a frank, hearty disposition and made friends of all with whom he became acquainted. He was a member of Abilene Post # 61 and the funeral on Wednesday was attended by a large number of comrades, who took charge of the ceremonies in accordance with the wishes of the deceased and family. The neighborhood and friends genarally were present and a long procession followed the remains to the cemetery,
He leaves a wife and four children to mourn their heavy loss.......Abilene Chronicle