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Mrs. Barbara Schultheis
Jasper Courier
Friday February 10, 1882

DIED:  February 5, 1882 of puerperal fever, Mrs. Barbara Schultheis, aged 35 years 11 months and 14 days, the wife of Joseph Schultheis. Mrs. Schultheis was born and raised in Dubois County. She was religious, kindhearted and industrious, an affectionate wife and mother, and good neighbor. In her circle her death is deeply felt and lamented. She leaves her husband and five little children, the youngest only two weeks old, and as she had them each brought to her bedside and cast upon them the last loving look and imparted a farewell kiss, she told those around her that she did not fear death, as she was nearing a "better land", but Oh! she hated to leave her little ones, and the sympathetic tears and prayers of all mingled with hers for the motherless children, as she bade adieu to earth and its trials and mysterious partings. Truly, "Gods ways are not our ways", and his wisdom is inscrutable.