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The Jasper Herald.
December 29, 1866  

A Terrible Accident.  Two Men Killed.

A most terrible accident occured near French Lick, Orange Co. on last Monday, resulting Indiana the death of two of our citizens.  A portable steam saw mill, formerly belonging to Mr. McCarroll and which had just been purchased by Mr. Jesse Wininger, was on Monday started for trial, and water Indiana the boiler having got low, the pump was set going and water let into the boiler without due precaution.  The boiler burst with great force, turning the entire machinery over and making a complete wreck of it, and killing instantly Mr. Jesse Wininger and Kinder Wininger, brothers who were at the time near the engine attending to it, and wounding 3 others, whose  names we did not learn. The two men killed were young men, sons of Mr. John A. Wininger of this township, who has the heartfelt sympathy of this community.