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Big Gun
Lee Wineinger & Everett Bledsoe
October, 1928
Everett and Lee were my uncles by marriage and were brothers-in-law, each having married one of my mother's sisters. My grandparents' house (Martin and Missouri Wininger) is in the background.
I remember this gun. My closest cousin and I ran across it in an upstairs closet during one of our frequent snooping excursions. I was probably 7 or 8 at the time, and I remember that it was so heavy that I couldn't lift it. I remember a hexagonal barrel with very thick sidewalls, and a very small bore. It may have pre-dated the Civil War.
I wonder if they were really firing the thing, or just playing around. It was lost in a fire sometime in the 1960's.
My grandparents home was on the Hillham-Cuzco road, and is no longer standing. Charlie

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