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Winingers 1928
This Wineinger family picture was taken October, 1928 in front of the Martin Lester Wineinger home about 2 miles from Cuzco.

Front, Ida Maude (Wineinger) Bledsoe holding an unknown infant, possibly Norma Ruth Bledsoe, Eugene Wineinger,
Paul Wineinger, Susan Bledsoe, Martin Roscoe Tredway, Floyd Wineinger, Clarence Wineinger, Martin Lester Wineinger.
Rear: Evert Bledsoe, Roscoe Tredway, Lee Wineinger, Olive (Wineinger) Wineinger, Mary Bell (Wineinger) Lytle holding unknown infant,
Missouri (McCune) Wineinger holding Leroy Wineinger.
by Charlie

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