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Trullinger, Loren

Got a SUPER e-mail from a gal who had found Loren Trullinger's picture - she would like to give it to a family member. She sent me a copy for the GenWeb page though - thanks sooo much Shelley -- see her overview of Loren at end. His parents were from Fountain County ! kbz :)
-- I've "rescued" an old photograph of Loren TRULLINGER which was taken > at the Eastman Studio in Portland, OR. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's with Loren likely in his teens or 20's at the time. Based on limited research and thanks to the help of a TRULLINGER Family Researcher, I've gathered the following additional information regarding Loren and his family:

Loren or Loran Blodget or Blodgett TRULLINGER was b. 2 Jan 1869 in Middle Fork Township, Ringgold Co., IA to parents Milton Stone or Stonewall or Stonewell TRULLINGER (b. 18 May 1830 in Fountain Co. IN- d. 3 Jun 1907 in Molalla, OR) and Maria or Mariah or Marian Jane HAMPTON (b. 6 Mar 1843 in Fountain Co., IN-d. 1921 in Molalla, OR).

Loren was one of 9 children born to this couple including, Reuben Wade; Loren Blodget; Elenor "Ellen"; John Bunyon or Bunyan; Marietta "Etta" Beatrice; Irvin or Irving or Erwin or Ervin; Washington; and Arcalia or Arcadia TRULLINGER all born between 1867 and 1883.

Loren's father Milton was first married to Margaret CARR in Davis Co. > IA, she died in 1865, they had 6 children together, including, Henry > Clay; Aaron Chatterton; Mary Elizabeth "Lizzy"; Horatio Howard; > Charlotte; and Ella TRULLINGER, all born between 1853 and 1864. > > > > Loren's father Milton was known to be a supporter of the underground > railroad, assisting slaves to freedom in Canada with his farm being > one of the underground rail stations.

Loren married Alice May FLINN (b. 17 Mar 1873 in Wood, WV-d. 10 Dec > 1965 in Portland, OR) in 1891, and he died 8 Oct 1844 in Portland, OR and is buried in the Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery in Portland, OR. > Loren and Alice had a son, Roy Milton TRULLINGER b. 17 Feb 1893 in Cherryville, OR, he married Nellie Eathel HARTMUS (b. 14 Sept 1902 in Spokane, WA) and together they had a son, Lawrence E. TRULLINGER b. 22 Feb 1930 in Portland, OR.

Census records provide the following details: > > > >
1880 census of Middle Fork, IA: > > Milton TRULLINGER, age 50, a Farmer, born IN, parents born OH > > Mariah J. TRULLINGER, wife, age 37, Keeping House, born IN, parents > born TN > > Wade TRULLINGER, son, age 13, a Farm Laborer, born IA > > Loren B. TRULLINGER, son, age 11, a Farm Laborer, born IA > > Elenor TRULLINGER, dau, age 9, Attending School, born IA > > John Bunyon TRULLINGER, son, age 7, Attending School, born IA > > Marietta TRULLINGER, dau, age 5, Attending School, born IA > > Irvin TRULLINGER, son, age 1, born IA
1900 census of Soda Springs, OR: > Loren B. TRULLINGER, age 31, born Jan 1869, married 9 years, born IA, > parents born IN, a Farmer > Alice M. TRULLINGER, wife, age 27, born Mar 1873, married 9 years, 1 > child/1 living, born WV, parents born WV/OH > > Roy M. TRULLINGER, son, age 7, born Feb 1893, born OR > > > >
1910 census of Portland, OR: > > Loren B. TRULLINGER, age 41, married 19 years, born IA, parents born > IN/IA, an Odd Jobs Laborer > > Alice M. TRULLINGER, wife, age 37, married 19 years, 1 child/1 living, > born WV, parents born WV/OH > > Roy M. TRULLINGER, son, age 17, born OR, a Machine Shop Apprentice > > > >
1920 census of Portland, OR: > Loran B. TRULLINGER, age 51, born IA, parents born IN/IA, a Driver > > Alice M. TRULLINGER, wife, age 46, born WV, parents born WV/IA > > Roy M. TRULLINGER, son, age 26, born OR, Auto Repairman
1930 census of Portland, OR: > Loren B. TRULLINGER, age 61, born IA -- Alice M. TRULLINGER, wife, age 57, born WV

I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that the photograph > can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

Thanks, Shelley
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