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Portrait & Biographical Record, Montgomery, Parke & Fountain Counties, Indiana.
Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1893, Page 220

John ADAMSON the life record of him whose name appears above has been one of more than usual interest, for not only was he a more than usually successful agriculturist, but he was a gentleman by instinct and training and this worthy attribute was manifested daily in his walk through life. He was born in Packaway County, Ohio Dec 18, 1808 and in that state he was married in 1834 to Miss Nancy NEBEKER, who was born Dec 2, 1816 (or 1817). For 3 years thereafter they resided in White County, but in 1837 he and George and Richard Nebeker bought the ferry at Covington to the successful management of which Mr. Adamson devoted his attention. In 1851 he began to construct a house and bridge at that place, the latter being ready for use at about the end of two years. Each year these gentlemen made small purchases of land, until they became the owners of about 1200 acres, besides entering 800 acres of land in Iowa. Our subject was quite an extensive trader, and although he intherited anything but a strong constitution, he was a very busy man, and never allowed any department of his work to be neglected. He was troubled with a bronchial affection (sic), which developed into thyphoid fever, and almost before his friends could realize that the end was s o near, death entered the portals of his home and on the 14th of Nov 1866 he was called from life. His widow survives him at the age of 76 and is a resident of Covington. John M. Adamson, their son is a stock dealer and shipper and is quite extensively engaged in feeding hogs which he has found to be a profitable employment. He was born in Warren County, opposite Covington March 23, 1844 and obtained a keen insight into the occupation which at present receives his attention from his father, who was an experienced buyer and shipper of stock as well as a practical and far-seeing agriculturist. He was always a Republican Politically, was a strong worker for his party, but was never an office-seeker. In a family of 10 born to himself and wife, 3 are now living. Oliver died in Covington April 1888 age 50 having been a farmer. Those living are JOhn M; Ada C and Hortense, wife of Challen Spinning of Covington. John M. Adamson grew up on the old farm but in 1846 took up his residence in Covington and after the death of his father, he in connection with brother Oliver, began tilling the home farm, having previously devoted much of his attention to the buying and selling of mules in connection with his father. He afterward formerd a partnership with EH Nebeker, which lasted from 1869 to 1873 during which time they handled an enormous number of mules, their sales at one time reaching $18,000. He continued the business alone after their connection was severed and has given special attention to shipping. HIs father and George and Richard Nebeker and Joseph Foster had built the wagon bridge above mentioned and after his father's death his mother owned all the stock therein with the exception of one sixth, until 1886 when she sold the bridge. The business of Mr. Adamson will average about one carload of stock per week, there being about 90 hogs to the car. He also handles railroad ties along the Wabash RR, to the extent of from 40 to 50,000 per year. He is the owner of a farm of 400 acres, which is a part of the old homestead and he owns 24 acres in thesuburbs of the town where he lives, on which is erected a handsome and substantially built brick residence. He has awlays been connected with the Republic party and is an active and intelligent member of the City Council. On the 13th of Oct 1870 he was united in marriage to Miss Eleanor M. McDonald of Covington who died Nov 18, 1883 and on the 8th of Sept 1887 he took for his second wife, miss Caroline Bell, of Vermillion Co Ind. His first wife bore him one child, John McDonald who was born Nov 2, 1871 and to his second union 3 children born: Frank born June 16, 1891 and two children that die din infancy. Mrs. Adamson is a worthy member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Adamson is a Director of the Fire Department. He is a man of worth and substntial and progressive spirit, and his career has been not only profitable and honorable to himself, but to the community in which he resides. He is a very agreeable gentleman with whom to have business dealings, for he is strictly honorable in every respect and is always ready and willing to do what is fair and right by his patrons.
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