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Source: Portrait & Biographical Record of Montgomery, Parke & Fountain Counties, Indiana.
Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1893, p. 638

Jonas C. AYLSWORTH who for many years occupied a prominent place among the business men of Fountain County was born in Columbia County, NY June 21, 1831. An account of his parents and ancestry will be found in the sketch of his son, Harry, who is represented in this volume. Our subject was a child of 7 or 8 when his parents removed to Granville, Ohio where his youth was passed on his father's farm. He received the benefits of a good education at Granville College, and was well equipped for his future career as a man of business. In 1858 he went to Nebraska, thinking to find there a wider field of usefulness than in his native State. He lived there the ensuing 5 years and a part of that time was Clerk in the US Land Office. But the war broke out and in time his well known sentiments as a Unionist caused the guerrillas to drive him away and he went back to Ohio. HIs stay there was short, and in the spring of 1863 he came to this county and became one of its value citizens. He made his home at Attica, where he took an interest in a gristmill with Messrs Falls & Plowman. The firm subsequently sold out to Messrs. Brown & Telford and Mr. Aylsworth was retained to superintend the business remaining with them until July 1874. In that month our subject was apointed special agent of the Pension Bureau at Washington and he held the position until Oct 1877 when he resigned and returned to Attica. He immediately resumed business, assisting in the incorporation of the Attica Mills Company of which he became President and he was also made manager of the mills, holding both posisions until the mills were shut down. In the spring of 1884 the City Milling Company was incorporated and a new mill was built and finely equipped with all the latest improved modern machinery. Mr. Aylsworth became Sec and Manager of the concern and filled those offices until his untimely death in the midst of a busy and honorable career. To his untiring devotion to his duties, to his executive ability and excellent business methods, the company owed much of its success from the start. Mr. Aylsworth was first married to Miss Mary W. Atkinson of Pataskala, Ohio who died in 1877, leaving four children. Our subject was married again, in April 1880 Miss Louisa F. Aylsworth of East Clarence, NY beoming his wife. Mr. Aylsworth was a gentleman of honr and of high personal standing throughout the county. Possessing sound sense, a clear brain and rare judgment, he was well fitted for public office, and his fellow citizens invited him to aid in the mangement of local affairs. He served 3 terms a member of the Board of Counceilmen of Attica and was for several years actively identified with the Board of Education. He was one of the leading members of the Masonic lodge in this village and was Secretary threof for 19 years previous to his death.

Beckwith, H. W. History of Fountain County, Indiana.
Chicago: H.H. Hill, 1881, p 210 - 211.

Jonas C. AYLSWORTH, president of the Attica Mills Company, Attica, was born in Columbia county, New York, in 1831. He was the youngest child of Asaheland Harriet (CONKLING) AYLSWORTH. In 1839 the family removed to Granville,Licking county, Ohio. His father was a farmer, and he was reared a tiller of the soil. His education was obtained at Granville College, now Dennison University. In 1858 he went to Nebraska, where he lived five years; a part of this time he was a clerk in the United States land office. In the spring of 1863 he came to Attica and took an interest with Fallis & Plowman in the gristmill. It was then run by water and had but two sets of burrs. They increased the capacity by the addition of two more run of stones and put in a boiler and an engine, and it was henceforth a steam mill. This firm sold out to Brown & Telford, of La Fayette, and Mr. AYLSWORTH superintended it for the new company until July, 1874, when he was appointed special agent of the pension bureau. During most of the time he was in this service he was traveling in the east and the west on business for the government. In October, 1877, he resigned and returned to Attica, and immediately the Attica Mills Company - a joint stock association incorporated under the general laws of the state, of which Mr. ALYSWORTH is president - was organized, and the mill, which had been standing idle a year or more, was again put to running. Since that time it has undergone a thorough refitting; the old machinery has been entirely replaced with new, comprising all the latest improvements in mill fixtures, and the capacity which was reduced to100 barrels per day last year, has been increased to 150, while a further extension and improvement of the grades are now being made. They manufacture the "new process" and the "patent" flour altogether, and are doing a very large business. Their mill is one of the best in the state. Mr. AYLSWORTH was married to Miss Mary W. ATKINSON, of Pataskala, Ohio, daughter of Samuel ATKINSON, at one time warden of the Ohio penitentiary. She died in 1877. By this union were born five children: Harry S., Mary Harriet, Edwin H., William A., and Walter J. Edwin died in 1878. Mr. AYLSWORTH married again, in April 1880, Lura F. AYLESWORTH, of East Clarence, Erie county, New York. She is a communicant in the Baptist church. He has been a Mason twenty-seven years, and secretary of Attica lodge since 1868, except the period that he was in government employ. He is now a member and secretary of the board of education of Attica, having been elected the current year. He has served three terms as councilman of the city. He is more or less independent in politics, but the preponderance of his voting is with the republicans.
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