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Emily Smith

Letters to Emily Smith of Fountain County

Title: Letter from Eliza Trinkle (to Emily Smith?) dated 4th December 1894

Transcribed By: Ian Feavearyear, 19 September 1999

I will once more try and answer your kind letter which I received last May I was glad to hear from you but sorry to hear of your mothers death but then we all hafto to go Grandmother Butt was sick but a short time from Thursday till Tuesday and was at her right mind untill the last. Aunt Eliza took sick on Wednesday and died the next wednesday and could help her self all the time and knew evry thing till she died uncle Christ was sick a long time a bout too month still he did not loose his mind and was not helplas any of the time Aunt Sallie was sick all winter the doctor said she had the consumption uncle John Keeling was sick a long time but died sinsable and was not helplas Isac Kinneer is still living and Still lives on the old place with his son Walce he bgins to look pretty old and feeble Allen Keeling is married a gain and has had a baby boy but it did not live long Pop Wilkins oldest girl is now living in Kansas and the youngest one lives a bout 10 miles north of heare and they both married brothers I would like to have you come in on a visit and see us all once more I will send the Obituary of Clarissa Smith the rest of the realatives are all well so no more from Eliz Trinkle Answer soon and tell me about the folks. Title:


Letter from Christina Ingersoll to Emily Smith dated 12 March 1885, Waynetown, Ind

Transcribed By: Ian Feavearyear, 15 September 1999

Dear Cousin your kind letter was received some time ago and was glad to hear from you again. I received your seeds this time and was glad to get them I was sorry you dident get the seeds I sent you. I will send you my picture in this letter I have promised it to you for so long. Now I want you to send me your picture. I dont look much like I used to when we were to gether we are all well and hope this will find you all the same we hve had one of the coldest winters ever was known in this part of the country. I thought last winter was cld but this beat it. we had nice weather up till about christmas then it commenced snowing and turning cold. The roads running North and South were in some places impassable and fences had to be lain down and people had to go across fields. I will send you some poke berry seeds in this letter I havent any beech nuts or I would send some of them. But if I live and nothing happens I will send them next fall. I will register this letter so you will get it. Brother Decks has a new boy at their house. It's four weeks old Sunday they havent named it yet Deck has been very bad sick with Neuralgia of the stomach and bowels. But is getting better The cousin you got a letter from is in Kansas now, his wife has been dead five years. he married my stepdaughter. (Anna Ingersoll) He has two children living, the oldest a boy is living with us he is 9 years old and the little girl is living with Frank Purnells, she is 7 years old There is not much sickness around here now except the mumps. There has been several deaths this winter around here Jim Keeling's folks are well Kas dont have very good health his two oldest girls are married. Lizzie the oldest married one of Ike Caneers boys he is well off but is her second cousin. Belle married Joe Clawson who is nothing but a drunken sot. I will be much obliged to you if you send me the plants but I fear it will be putting you to so much bother. This is all for this time hoping to hear from you soon. Good bye to all from Christina Ingersoll to her cousin Emily Smith. Answer soon.


Title: Letter from Christina Ingersoll to Emily Smith dated 17 February 1891, Waynetown, Ind

Transcribed By: Ian Feavearyear, 17 September 1999

Dear Cousin Emily I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know how we are getting along I have sad new for Aunt Jemima. Aunt Liza Helms is dead she died week before last she wasent sick but a few days she died of heart disease and aunt Sallie Keeling is dead she died last Wednesday i was down there last week. Uncle Chris is very poorly Kas is not very well the rest of the folks are well. I was at Aunt Peggy's Thursday for dinner she is getting feeble she told me to tell Aunt Jemima that she would like to see her but she dident expect she ever would. Ike Kinneer told me he was coming out to your house before long i dont know wheather he was joking or in earnest. The measles are thick around here some are very bad with them there was a little child died to day with them that livend near us There is lots of other sickness around mostly lung fever. we have had a very open winter no snow and but little rain. The wheat looks well so far Well I guess I cant think of anything else to write so I will close answer soon From Your Cousin Christina Ingersoll Good Bye.


Title: Letter from Christina Ingersoll to Emily Smith dated 25 January 1892, Waynetown, Ind

Transcribed By: Ian Feavearyear, 17 September 1999

Emily Dear Cousin It is with a sad heart that I write to you Death has visited our family and called away my oldest boy Ed. he died the 7th of January of [Laksrippe] he was sick only a little over a week. it was so hard to give him up but God's will be done I have no fears for his future for I know he is at rest for he was a good Christian boy he was a member of the Christian Church he was just married in September his young wife is almost heart broken. Aunt Peggy Butt is dead she was burried the day before Ed was. There is so much sickness around here more than I ever heard of, there is a gentleman living near here that is lying at the point of death one of my step son's has been sick since the 20 of November with typhoid fever his wife took sick in about a week after he took down and she is just able to set up just a little. we have received your papers and was glad to get them I will send you some more papers we live 12 miles from Veedersburg 4 miles from Waynetown and 12 miles from Crawfordsville We have had lots of snow this month. I will send you the pictures of my two youngest boys. (Joe and Clate) They are not very good pictures We are all well as comon and hope this will find you all the same. Answer soon From Christina Ingersoll to Emily Smith. Good Bye


Title: Letter from Eliza A. Trinkle to Emily Smith dated 27 February 1892 Transcribed By: Ian Feavearyear, 17 September 1999 Dear Couis Emily I Drop you a few lines to let you know how we are This leaves us well as usual we live at the same place our girls is all maried. Jasper & alvin lives at home I am doing my one work we live at the same place Mart is 70 years old and Is the Best looking man in this country I am 68 last December I send you an item of of some of our connection here christean oldest son Died the 6 of january he had a wife and one child Milt Keeling Died Feb 24th, Gran=Ma Butt Died january the 5th 1892 age 90 years 5 months 13 days Gran=Pa Keeling Died November 16th 1846 age 77 years 8 months & 12 days Granma Keeling Died March 27th 1850 age 76 years and 10 months Aunt Nancy Kinneer Died November 12th 1881 82 years Two months and 3 Days Aunt Eliza Helms Died Febuary The 4th 1891 age 85 years Aunt Sally Keeling Died Febuary The 11th 1891 age 76 years Uncle Christ Keeling Died april The 13th 1891 age 80 years 2 months and 12 days Christenia Engassol sent by Casida Keeling for me to write to you as she was here last winter when they was sick I havnt seen her since I made a mistake Christeins Boy only had a wife maried about 3 months Write to me and let me know if you got this and how you all are Eliza A Trinkle


Title: Letter from Christina Ingersoll dated 9 January 1892, Veedersburg

Transcribed By: Ian Feavearyear, 17 September 1999

Dear Uncle & Aunt Table Bluff Cal I drop you a few lines to inform you that your last sister aunt Peggy Butt is dead She was buried Thursday at 2 pm She was 90 years 6m & 20 day old I believe you are the last Survivir of The Keeling family & if I am not mistaken you are 85 years old & acording to the laws of nature you two must go and be known no more here on Earth. ant peggy has living 4 boys and 4 girls & they are all old gray heded men & women The Keeling family are getting scarse in this country Uncle Christ has one boy living & thats al he has living of his Children uncle John, and uncle Jim That is all of the family that are cald Keeling

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