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From North Carolina

"Following is a transcription, verbatim (as much of it as was legible), of a letter written by Elizabeth ABBOTT to my great-great-grandmother Elizabeth STEWARD LEWIS before she was married, about the happenings in the area where she lived, somewhere about 10 miles from Hillsboro, maybe east of Covington."

Elizabeth Abbott to Elizabeth Steward Lewis

"Colonick Sept the 18th 1838

Respected Miss
I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I received your letter dated Aug 21 which received with pleasure but concern. �the flies I would a Chaste them over the river. �tell samuel that I shall have him churched for taking down a di dum di and John to. �now I will tell you something about myself my life has bin spard and that is all since the boys was here. �The day that John left here there was some youngsters came a long going to hilsborough to Camp meeting about 10 miles from here and I went a long with them and it was a worry job to me for there was a young lady along with us so that was very sick and we had to be up all knight with her and the next day I was taking with the nervous fever and hav just got so that I can walk A bout and I hope will get well. �I praid to dy for A bout 2 weaks and last sunday my intended companion was laid lo it is very sickly here and a great many deaths. �you told me in your letter to not try and please all the folks and I told you that I have told [...illegible...] Chance but the folks would fight me out of it and now he is dead the one that I placed the most confidence in the one that they want me to have is a little bit of a fellow just about as big as your fist and a methidist at that. �they had nothing against the one that died onley he was a frolicker in earnest but now he has gone to [illegible] try the realities of another world and I hope a better one /and I/ so no more at presant about that and I can tell you that about you Mr head my [illegible] headding it come by you know that news borne up to Covington and then I hear all tell Robert that he has bin to see the girls long a naugh for fun he may go to see them for keeps now and tell henry that maria the poor little bitch has burnt her foot again and tell that old father that he is just in hte way and get him off up he [illegible] for I should like to see him very mutch and you too and the rest of the family I want to see the boys worse than I did before they came John looks and seems so mutch like Eldridge that I cald him Eldridge several times & after he went away it seemed just like it him and he was gone back a gain and l Samuel he did not seem like any of our folks because he did not stay here long a nough to see him hardly tell the children that I like to see them all & so no more at presant but I remain your friend untill death.

"unable to read" �����������������* �������Elizabeth Ann
and you cant �����������������������* �������������Steward
burn it. ��������������������������������* �����
I hant got mutch �������������������* �������Elizabeth Abbott
more strength than ���������������*
baby and my hand ����������������*
trembles so that �������������������*
cant half write �����������������������* ��"

Any info about the LEWIS or STEWARD families greatly appreciated if you come across it.

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