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J. B. Barker

"LETTER FROM J.B. BARKER" -- Cates, July 31, 1895 (This is in regards to my great, great grandfather's death and I think more than a letter "from J.B. Barker," it is more a notification of his death probably sent to a local newspaper).  File lovingly created: by his great, great granddaughter, Karen Bazzani Zach -- 31 August 2011 - kz

Bryant Barker 22 May 1834 - 26 July 1896 (not 5 as on letter) son of Jesse Barker & Anna Day -- his twin, William R. Barker died 3 years earlier and it is said that Bryant (John Bryant) was devastated and never the same afterwards - it was also dark and the medicine and arsenic were side by side, so, easy mistake !

"Several years ago, Bryant Barker, a well-to-do farmer, living near Cates, bought some arsenic and placed it on the mantle of the clock. Last Sunday Mr. Barker had occasion to take a dose of quinine. He went to the clock to get it, but instead got hold of the wrong package and took arsenic instead of quinine. He died at 6 o'clock Sunday evening in GREAT agony. The remains were buried in the Cooper Cemetery, Tuesday. Barker was a well-known citizen and had many friends."

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