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TOMMY KINDELL - beaten / robbed

Source: Obituary from a collection of Fauniel Hershbarger, a life-long Fountain County Indiana resident

MELLOTT – Tommy Kindell, of Lexington, Ky., formerly of Mellott, was robbed and beaten at the radio station, where he was employed, according to word received here. About 9:30 p.m. while Kindell was playing records at station WULK at Lexington, two men walked into the transmitting room, brandishing pocket-knives and demanded his money, wrist watch and the keys to his car. He complied with their wishes, then they ordered Kindell out of the building where they met the third man. According to Kindell, one man muttered, “Take care of him,” and Kindell thought their intent was to kill him. They then began to beat him about the face and cut him near the ear. They then threw him against a wooden fence, near the station. He pretended to be unconscious. The three men apparently believing this, rode off in his car. Kindell went inside and notified the police. He was then taken to the local hospital where he was found to have a broken cheek bone, a caved sinus cavity and suffering from shock. The robbers proved to be Fayette County jail inmates who had a short time before the robbery, knifed the deputy jailor to make their escape. They were between the ages of 22 and 26, and had been charged with murder, illegal sale of narcotics and theft of $1,000 worth of clothing. Four and a half hours after their escape, in Kindell’s car, they were captured with Kindell’s wallet and wrist watch in the car. Kindell, 45, has been a disc jockey for several years. He is the son of Mrs. Beulah Ferguson Kindell of Lafayette formerly of Mellott who is a matron at the jail in Lafayette. Her son attended the Mellott grade and high schools.

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