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Letter from the CI&C Railroad

Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railway to Sylvester Bowsher

Thanks so much to Jennie for this one :) She sent some great stuff on this family!

Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad Ellsworth BUilding, 355 Dearborn St. W.S. Dawley Chief Engineer Chicago May 3d, 1895 Mr. Sylvester Bowsher Kingman, Fountain Co, Indiana

Dear Sir: When the C&IC Ry Co. obtained its right of way through your farm, one of the agreements was an undercrossing for cattle located north of your dwelling a short distance. In passing over the line recently, I have noticed that you have this cattle pass fenced up, and have built a small dam to force the water along our right of way to the south to pass through the other opening south of your house. Do you wish this arrangement made permanent, or, in other words, are you willing to release this company from the necessity of maintaining this undercrossing? If so, we will fill up same upon receipt of your permission to do so. It is not our wish to keep up bridges where they are not necessary. In case you are willing to dispense with this under-crossing, would you wish a pipe put in so water would pass across our track at this point or would you wish it filled up solid?

Yours truly, W.S. Dawley, Chief Engineer
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