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SMITH, Edward

Source: Crawfordsville Review, Tuesday May 9, 1916

Covington Ind May 8 - Murder and suicide were committed this morning at 10 o'clock on the Sarah Disseldorf farm, NW of here. Edward Smith aged 23, a tenant on the farm shot and killed his 19-year-old wife and then shot himself, inflicting a wound that would not have proved fatal. A short time later he hung himself in the barn behind the house where he slew his young wife. Bleeding from his wound near his heart and pursued by Sheriff Henry Werts, and a number of relatives and friends of the wife he had just murdered Smith eluded the posse returned to the barn at the rear of the home and took his own life. His body was found some time later. Following trouble of several days' standing Mrs. Smith left home Saturday and went to live with her brother Logan Anderson who lives between Williamsport and Attica. Smith came there Saturday night and Mrs. Smith taking her year old son, ran to the home of another brother, Walter nearby where she remained until this morning. Accompanied by her brothers, Logan, Walter and William, Mrs. Walter Anderson, Emmett Cross and two farmhands, Gus and John Kirts, Mrs. Smith went to her home to procure her belongings. Smith made his appearance and asked his wife to enter the house with him. They went to a room on the 2nd floor and in a few minutes three shots were heard, Mrs. Walter Anderson was the first one to reach the room and caught Mrs. Smith as she fell. Smith turned the gun on himself and fired one shot before the gun was taken from him. Mrs. Smith died almost instantly. One of the bullets entered her left breast and passed near the heart and the second shot struck her in the chin. Smith broke from the men who were holding him and ran from the house. Sheriff Wertz was notified and the search for him commenced. John Krits, who had remained at the home, passed by the barn a half hour later and saw Smiths body hanging from a rafter. He had been dead about 20 minutes. No one saw him return to the yard after he disappeared in a field. The body was taken down and removed to the home of the parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith who lived between Williamsport and West Lebanon. The remains of Mrs. Smith were taken to the home of Walter Anderson. The infant son is also at the Walter Anderson home and will be raised by that family. It had been left at the home of a neighbor by the mother, who feared that trouble would follow the meeting with her husband today. Mrs. Smith was a daughter of the late John Anderson, who lived across the river from Attica. Last week the estate of her father was settled and she received $1,000. It is said that Smith wanted his wife to give him the money and that she refused. Her relatives say that she gave him $100 the latter part of last week. Mrs. Smith was a charming young woman, highly respected by all who knew her and she was of good family. Smith also came of a highly respected family. He attended the West Lebanon HS and was well known in this community. Mrs. Smith decided to leave her husband on Saturday and it is said that this greatly angered him. Smith is survived by his parents and Mrs. Smith is survived by 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Mrs. Emmett Crose of Lafayette who is now on a tour of the west is a sister. The coroners inquest will be held tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. The revolver Smith used to kill himself was a .22 calibre weapon.   --- transcribed and submitted by Karen Bazzani Zach

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