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--Mexican Sandwiches - Opha Philpott -- Apple and Celery Sandwiches by Lenna Robinson - Favorite Sandwiches, Dressing for Sandwiches and Bonita Sandwiches by Frances Hepler -- Ham Sandwiches and Brown Bread Sandwiches by Mrs. Dan Strade and Sandwich Filling by Mrs. E.S. Booe -- PASTRY -- Mince Meat by Olive Glascock -- Green Tomato Mince Meat by Mrs. B.O. Hudler - Lemon Pie by Mrs. R.B. Myers - BUtter Scotch Pie by Eva Sanders -- Sunshine Pie by Daisy Barker - Pumpkin Pie by Mrs. C.W. Holman -- Chocolate Pie by Mrs. J.M. Cory--
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