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--Mixed Pickles No. 1 by Mrs. Dinna Myers - Mixed Pickles, No. 2 by Mrs. F.S. Cuthbert (NOTE: Dr. Frederick Cuthbert and wife, Carrie Peare were gone from Fountain County by 1915 when they moved to Savannah, Georgia with their two sons, Robert and Marvin. By 1920 they were in New York and passed away in 1953 (Fred Sheets Cuthbert) and 1969 (Carrie Peare Cuthbert) in Kokomo, Indiana. However, she may have sent this from one of the places she lived but you'll note Hattie Kopp Boord's has her current town of residence - but Carrie either sent it from wherever she lived at the time OR the cookbook is even earlier than I thought) -- Sour Pickles and Big Sour Pickles by Dinna Myer - Beef Pickles by Mrs. O.J. Copeland - Beef Relish by Jen Glascock - Spanish Pickles by Nell Nolan - Saccharine Pickles by Frances Hepler - Sweet Pickles by Mrs. R.B. Myers - Chili Sauce by Hattie Kopp Boord of Roseman, Montana - Chili Sauce by Mrs. Carrie Heath --

AD -- J.H. Ephlin Agent for Royal Tailoring
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