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TENNANT MINES - Silverwood - partial article

Source: Silverwood Sun, 1902 (thanks Andrew for this one)

"It is said that the Tennant mines at Silverwood are to be abandoned. Unless arrangements are soon made to sink another shaft 2/3 of the population will pull-out." The above item has been going to rounds of the neighborhood press and as it does this community a rank injustice we hope that the publishers who were so quick to print it will have manhood enough to make a proper correction. In the first place the Tennant mine is not present will be but the shaft used at ?ings, machinery, etc. taken to a new shaft which will be sunk immediately on the Clover Leaf gravel pit land. 50 men are at present employed at the Tennant mine and the removal of the shaft to its new location will affect only a part of them for a few days as it will require a large force to sink the new shaft and assist in the removal of the machinery. The provess of opening up ... (sorry rest is gone)
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