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VEEDERSBURG. Progress of

Source: Veedersburg News  __ April 1945

The progress of Veedersburg, both as a business town and desirable place to live, can easily be shown by some facts and figures compiled this week by Attorney NM Teegarden, who celebrated his 39 years in business here on the first day of spring.   Mr. Teegarden came to Veedersburg on March 21, 1905. Previous to his move to Veedersburg he had been in Texas for a few years, but was originally from Kingman, where his father was a farmer.

He entered the real estate and insurance business and set up office over what is now The Veedersburg News building. Due to the nature of his business he made a complete survey of the town at that time and found 75 empty houses.

"A period of 39 years is relatively short" says Mr. Teegarden, "but Veedersburg has made great forward strides in that interval of time."

"Since 1905, 105 new houses have been built and 35 new business houses have been established. At the present time there are essentially no unoccupied houses and all 35 business houses have been established are still in existence and are operating successfully."

At that time only the main business block of both Second and Main streets were paved. There were very few sidewalks in town. Today of course, we cn see many paved streets, most of which have sidewalks. In addition to the improvements in city streets, the roads leading into town have all greatly improved as well as the major highways forming a junction here.

Mr. Teegarden also points out the health conditions are much better as the result of a sewage system. The light and water departments the town have more than done in capacity and output during this period as well. The city park is promoted and successfully dedicated.

Four churches have been built or rebuilt, as well as the other improvements. The Christian, New Brethren, Methodist and Nazarene church have new edifices and the Catholic church was built in this period.
In the business district there are three empty business building in 1905 in the occupied building there were ten saloons in the business area.

Such reversions to the receptory of Veedersburg not only __ out the progress but also look toward the future things that are to be done and which can be accomplished.

There are and will be many opportunities in Veedersburg business men and public spirited citizens are planning definite in __ment plans for Veedersburg. __ the war and as NM Teegarden stated, "There is no reason that civic improvement can not be forward even faster in the next years than it has in the past years."

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