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What's New 2018

WHAT's NEW 2018 -- ENJOY :)


OBITUARIES    41     Added:- (10,889 obituaries to date) :Moore, Mary E. Hodges; Wilson, Jesse Francis; Wilson, Herbert; Williamson, Glenn Otis; Wesley, Wilford T.; West, Herman;Scott, Theodore; Schultz, Emma J. Garner; Vickery, Lawrence F.; Vestal, Lena Jane Amick; Vester, Russell; Cates, Charles Kenneth; Clodfelter, Eliza Guntle; Madden, Anson G. (Updated); Dale, Mrs. James P.; Holycross, George M.; Howell, Harry Charles; Hughes, David M.; Hunnings, Mary Margaret Cedars; Isley, Harry B.; Irvin, James Louis; Irvin, John A.; Ireland, Clara Kemps; Janeway, Oscar Smith;Nebeker, Elizabeth McGeorge; McBroom, Elrodge K.; Renickers, William; Royal, Eilliam F.; Rice, Alice Riester;Oursley, Mary; Pavey, Benjamin S.; Painter, Luther Berel; Pearson, Viola Sowers; Purdue, Thomas; Perrin, Oliver; Pearson, Delcey Pithoud; Preston, Henry A.; Philpott, Ella Alward; Peevler, George; Pitzer, Eva Cole; Prather, Nellie Bennett;

PHOTOS : _ 1  _ Names include: -- (565 photos to date) Madden, Glenwood and friend Bull;

MARRIAGES : __ 2_ = --(23, 1368 to date) to date: Names include: Louber, William; Johnke, Miss Emily; Coutant, Oliver R. and Miss Ida Ridge;

NEWS ITEMS   2    --  (ytd= 50) Names: Kramer, Mrs. Harry; Adams, Alice;

DEATH RECORDS:  1   = = Neal, Mary Rice Bramlett;

Recipes  4   = Good Corn Bread; Baking Powder Biscuits; Johnnycake; Whole Wheat Banana Apple Bread;

Business   12    = Maris & Grubbs Store; Pithoud, L.E. & Son; Kingman Flying Service; The Fountain Trust; Victor C. Sowers & Son; Ratcliff, S. M.; Kingman Hardware (updated); Wrights Food Store; C. L. Steinbaugh (updated); Wood Bros. & Co.; Hillsboro Flour Mill;
Miscelaneous Items   1  =  A new researching Link;

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