Edwin Holland Terrell
The Hon. George Holland and his wife, having no son of their own, adopted Edwin Holland Terrell in 1849 when he was only nine months old. He was left motherless at that age, and his father, Rev. Williamson Terrel, was an itinerant Methodist minister. The boy proved entirely worthy the love and tender care bestowed upon him.

Edwin Holland Terrell, DePauw, '71, graduated at the Harvard Law School in 1878, practiced law at Indianapolis until 1877 and then removed to San Antonio, Texas. He was a delegate to the National Republican Conventions of 1880, 1888 and 1904, and a member of the Republican State Committee of Texas for many years. He was United States minister to Belgium from 1889 to 1898. He was plenipotentiary to the slave trade conference at Brussels in 1889-90 and to the customs tariff conference of 1890. He acted for the United States in the negotiations resulting in the organization of the Congo Free State, and he was delegate to and vice president of the International Monetary Conference held in Brussels in 1892. In 1898 he was appointed a grand officer of the Order of Leopold by the King of Belgium. He received the degree of LL. D. from DePauw in 1892. He took a great interest in the work of the Fraternity. He was one of the editors of the Fraternity catalogue of 1881, vice president of the convention of 1881 and president of the convention of 1884. He died at San Antonio in 1910.

(Source; Betas of Achievement; By Wm. Raimond Baird; 1918)

For some years he was a prominent practitioner at the bar at Indianapolis. Having married at San Antonio, Texas, he removed there and entered the practice at that place. Soon afterward he drifted into railroad and other enterprises, resulting very successfully. In 1888, his merit and qualification being well known to Benjamin Harrison, president of the United States, he appointed him United States minister to Belgium, which place he filled with great renown and distinction to the close of that administration. He is still living in San Antonio, occupied with the care of his property and accumulations, enjoying the comforts of one of the most elegant homes of Texas and reveling in the delights of one of the finest private libraries in the state.

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