Located 3 miles South of Brookville on US 52, 1/2 mile North on Lee Orschell's lane. It is located on private property, and there is no public access. 4 stones are visible.

This cemetery was restored by the Cemetery Commission in 2006.
NameBirth Date/AgeDeath DateNotes
Dr Edwin Elder 45yrs 10mos 12days Nov 21, 1856 born West Hamilton Co, Pa
Homer Elder 1yr 3mos 13days Jan 8, 1856 s/o Nancy & Edwin
Mary Tyner Elder Jan 30, 1809 Mar 31, 1830 2nd w/o Edwin Elder
Adam Nelson   May 2, 1819 36yrs 4mos 6days

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Cemetery at a Glance
Location:S33, T9N, R2W
GPS Coord:39.3986N, 84.9850W
Size:30 ft x 30 ft
Access:No public access
Established:1830 - Pioneer Cem
Stones:4 visible
Condition:Restored 2006
Veterans:No known veterans