Located 200 ft West of the Wesley Road/Mortashed Road intersection, 1000 ft South of Mortashed Road. Access is via private property from Mortashed Road.
4 stones are visible, but all are down.

According to legend, this entire family died of cholera in 1849. John is said to have been William's brother, but he could also have been his father. The legend says two old Irishmen were given a gallon of whiskey to drag the bodies out and bury them, and then the cabin was burned to the ground. The remnants of a stone foundation where the house stood can be seen. At each corner there is a tombstone.

NameBirth Date/AgeDeath DateNotes
William H Seely 4yrs 9mos Jun 16, 1849 s/o William & Sarah
Oliver Seely 7yrs Jun 15, 1849 s/o William & Sarah
John Seely 59yrs 1mo 19days Jun 16, 1849  
William Seely 32yrs Jun 18, 1849  
Sarah Seely 29yrs Jun 18, 1849  

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