Genealogy, Franklin County, Indiana, Salt Creek, Alphabetical Listing, All 3 Peppertown Cemetery

The Cemeteries of Peppertown
(Salt Creek Township)
Franklin County, Indiana

Alphabetical Listing
For All Three Cemeteries
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In 1986, Helen Moore prepared a report on the three nearby Peppertown cemeteries: the Old Public Cemetery, the German Lutheran Church Cemetery, and the New Cemetery. Helen Moore was a member of the Indiana State Board of the Indiana German Heritage Society. Her relatives came from Germany directly to Peppertown in 1849, and she has relatives buried in the Old Public Cemetery. This listing is based on her report.

Listing of All Persons Known Buried,
Three Peppertown Cemeteries

When two surnames are given, the one in [brackets] is the maiden name.
Additional details on persons listed can be reached by clicking on each name.

ADLER, Elizabeth, Born 1851 [LuthCemeteryEast]

ALLEY, Elizabeth Christine, Born 1869 [LuthCemWest]
ALLEY, Elizabeth, Born 1833 [LuthCemWest]
ALLEY, Hester, Born c. 1862 [LuthCemWest]
ALLEY, Florence, Born ? [LuthCemWest]
ALLEY, William Arrington "Will," Born 1832 [LuthCemWest]
{ALLEY, William D., Born c. 1868, Buried Maple Grove Cem.}

{BAKER, Mrs. Katherine, Born c. 1885, Buried Cupp's Chapel Cem.}
[BECHT] ROEMER, Anna Martha, Born 1816 [LuthCemWest]
[BECHT?] WILHELM, F., Born 1861 [OldPublicCem]
BECHT, Jesse, Born ? [LuthCemWest]

BECKER, Charles Lewis, Born ? [LuthCemEast]
BECKER, Edmund, Born 1888 [LuthCemEast]
BECKER [KIRSCHBAUM], Minnie {Mena}, Born 1856 [LuthCemEast]
BECKER, Peter, {Sr.}, Born 1852 or 1853 [LuthCemEast]

BECKY [SOMMER], Anna, Born 1826 [LuthCemEast]
BECKY, Wilhelm Walter, Born 1816 [LuthCemEast]
BECKY, William, Born 1863 [LuthCemEast]
BECKY, William M., Born 1860 [LuthCemEast]
[BEELER] WOLF, Lucinda (Luzenda), Born 1855 [LuthCemWest]
BINN, Catharine, Born ? [OldPublicCem]
BINN, Georg, Born ? [OldPublicCem]
[BLENZINGER] STEWART, Theresia M., Born c. 1859 [Peppertown Cem., no location]
BLOEMER, Louis, Born ? [LuthCemEast]
BLOEMER, Louise W., Born 1879 [LuthCemEast]
[BOLTZ] MOHR, Elizabeth, Born 1850 [LuthCemWest]
[BRACK] LANDSETEL, Catharina, Born 1864 [LuthCemEast]
{BRACK, Ferdinand F., Born c. 1892, Buried CrossRoadsCem}
BRACK [HERTLE], Katharina, Born 1827 [LuthCemEast]
BRACK, Ludwig, Born 1827 [LuthCemEast]
[BRACK], LANDSETEL, Margaret Sophia, Born 1867 [LuthCemEast]
[BRACK] STIRN, Wilhelmine, Born 1885 [LuthCemWest]
BRAUN [ERB], Barbara, Born 1819 [OldPublicCem]
BRAUN, Frank, Born 1854 [LuthCemEast]
BRAUN, J. Frank, Born 1876 [LuthCemEast]
BRAUN, M. {MICHAEL}, Born ? [OldPublicCem]
[BREDENWISCHER] HANNEBAUM, Catharina Elizabeth, B. 1799 [OldPublicCem]
BRINKMAN, John, Born 1861 [LuthCemEast]
BRINKMAN [PEPPER], Paulina {SCHERER}, Born 1857 [LuthCemEast]

DAVIDSON, Emma H., Born 1875 [LuthCemEast]

DAVIS, {Joseph} Benjamin, Born c. 1843 [OldPublicCem]

DEHMEL, Louis, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]

[DIETZEL] TEUFEL, Anna, Born 1863 [LuthCemEast]

[DOEBBELING] REIFEL, Wilhelmina, Born 1836 [LuthCemWest]

DOENCH [MOHR], Hilma {Hilmer}, Born 1898 [LuthCemEast]

DOENGES [TEUFEL], Mamie, Born ? [LuthCem, no location given]

Note problem:
ELLERMAN, Anna {Anna Luisa Amita?}, Born 1899 [LuthCemWest]
ELLERMAN, Anna {Anna Luisa Amita?}, Born 1899 [LuthCemEast]

ELLERMAN [ROEMER], Anna Elisabeth, Born 1847 [LuthCemWest]
ELLERMAN [MEIER], Annie, Born 1855 [LuthCemEast]
ELLERMAN, Charles H., Born 1872 [LuthCem, no location]
ELLERMAN, Christian, Born 1840 [LuthCemEast]
ELLERMAN, Fred, Born ? [LuthCemEast]
ELLERMAN, Mary, Born ? Died 1889 [LuthCemEast]

[ERB] BRAUN, Barbara, Born 1819 [OldPublicCem]

FENDRICH, Margarita, Born 1857 [OldPublicCem]

FISHER, Ida E., Born 1884 [LuthCemEast]

FLOWERS, Alfred, Born ? [OldPublicCem]

GLOSHEN, Virginia Friederika "Birdie", Born 1879 [LuthCemEast]
GLOSHEN, Flora Augusta, Born 1878 [LuthCemEast]
GLOSHEN, Frederick, Born 1853 [LuthCemEast]
GLOSHEN, George, Born 1873 [LuthCem, no location]
[GLOSHEN] HANNEBAUM, Mary J. "Mollie," Born 1862 [Later moved to Maple Grove Cemetery, Brookville, Indiana]

GOEHRINGER, John {Sr. or Jr.?}, Born {1851 or 1880} [LuthCemEast]
GOEHRINGER, Nora, Born 1884 [LuthCemEast]

GRAHAM [MOHR], Lina, Born 1873 [LuthCem] [Later moved to Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio]

[HANNEBAUM] POWELL, Alma Marie, Born 1902 [LuthCemEast]
HANNEBAUM [BREDENWISCHER], Catharina Elizabeth, B. 1799 [OldPublicCem]
HANNEBAUM [WULBER], Catherine, Born 1842 [LuthCemWest]
HANNEBAUM, Charles O., Born 1875 [LuthCemEast]
HANNEBAUM [REIFEL], Clara M., Born 1878 [LuthCemEast]
HANNEBAUM [ZIMMERMAN], Dorotha A., Born 1914 [LuthCemEast]
HANNEBAUM, Henry, Born 1827 [LuthCemWest]
HANNEBAUM, Henry Wilhelm, Born 1871 [LuthCemEast]
HANNEBAUM { KLAUSING }, J. Friedrich, Born 1788 [OldPublicCem]
HANNEBAUM, Lola Marie, Born 1908 [LuthCem, no location]
HANNEBAUM, Marshall Andrew, Born 1899 [Later moved to Maple Grove Cemetery, Brookville, Indiana]
[HANNEBAUM] GLOSHEN, Mary J. "Mollie," Born 1862 [Later moved to Maple Grove Cemetery, Brookville, Indiana]
HANNEBAUM, Marita J., Born 1918 [LuthCem, no location]
HANNEBAUM, Retha C. (Rita Catherine), Born 1944 [LuthCemEast]
HANNEBAUM [PEPPER], Tillia M. [Mathilda Maria], Born 1877 [LuthCemEast]
{HANNEBAUM [SCHUNEMAN] {SWARTZ}, Matilda "Tillie", Born c. 1880, Buried Metamora Cem.}
HANNEBAUM, Virgil R., Born 1911 [LuthCemEast Side] [Still living]
HANNEBAUM, William Henry "Willie," Born 1903 [Later moved to Maple Grove Cemetery, Brookville, Indiana]

HAY, James, Born ? [OldPublicCem]

[HEINEMAN] PEPPER, Caroline (Mother), Born 1852 [LuthCemEast]
HEINEMAN, B. Catharine, Born 1811 [LuthCemEast]
[HEINEMANN] SCHUNEMAN, Frederike, Born 1849 [OldPublicCem]
HEINEMAN, J. Nicholas, Born 1792 [LuthCemEast]

HELLERICKEL, Fred, Born 1790 [OldPublicCem]

[HERTLE] BRACK, Katharina, Born 1827 [LuthCemEast]

HEUBIN, Elizabeth, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]

[HOLMAN] STIRN, Vivian, Born 1916 [Peppertown, location not yet known]

[HORSTMAN] REIFEL, Catherine L., Born 1856 [LuthCemWest]
HORSTMAN [PETERSON?], Christina, Born 1835 [LuthCemWest]
HORSTMAN, William H., Born 1868 [LuthCemWest]

[HOSE?] WOLF, Elizabeth, Born 1844 [LuthCemWest]
HOSE, Frank, Born 1881 [LuthCemWest]
HOSE, Henry, Born 1847 [LuthCemWest]
HOSE, Mother, Born 1858 [LuthCemWest]

HUNSINGER, Johan, Born 1872 [OldPublicCem]
HUNSINGER, Louis, Born 1868 [OldPublicCem]
HUNSINGER, Wilhelmina, Born 1869 [OldPublicCem]

JOHNSON, Eddie L., Born 1937 [OldPublicCem]
JOHNSON, Jacob, Born 1865 [OldPublicCem]
JOHNSON, Janet D., Born 1942 [OldPublicCem]
JOHNSON, Roy, Born ? [LuthCemWest]
JOHNSON, Selvia, Born ? [LuthCemWest]

KAHLER, Charles, Born c. ? [Peppertown Cem., no location]

KIRSCHBAUM, [Unknown] Born ? [LuthCemWest]
KIRSCHBAUM, Carolina, Born ? [LuthCemWest]
KIRSCHBAUM, George Frank Walter, Born 1899 [LuthCemWest]
KIRSCHBAUM, Frank, Born 1899 [LuthCemWest]
KIRSCHBAUM, Johann G., Born ? [LuthCemWest]
KIRSCHBAUM, John Michael, Born 1812 [LuthCemWest]
KIRSCHBAUM [KLOVKA], Magdelena "Lena," Born 1824 [LuthCemWest]
KIRSCHBAUM, Maria, Born ? [LuthCemWest]
[KIRSCHBAUM] REIFEL, Mary M., Born 1852 [LuthCemEast]
[KIRSCHBAUM] BECKER, Minnie {Mena}, Born 1856 [LuthCemEast]

{KLAUSING} HANNEBAUM, J. Friedrich, Born 1788 [OldPublicCem]

[KLEINGUNTHER] SCHONERT, Thorothea, Born 1808 [OldPublicCem]

[KLOVKA] KIRSCHBAUM, Magdelena "Lena," Born 1824 [LuthCemWest]

KOEHLER, John, Born 1874 [LuthCemWest]
KOEHLER, Louis, Born 1881 [LuthCemWest]

KOERNER, Carl W., Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
{KOERNER}{PEPPER}, Charlotte, Born 1880 [LuthCemWest]
KOERNER [----------], Dora M., Born 1826 [LuthCemWest]
KOERNER, Gustav A., Born 1855 [LuthCemWest]
KOERNER, Henry Albert, Born 1857 [LuthCemWest]
KOERNER, John C., Born 1812 [LuthCemWest]
KOERNER, Louisa, Born 1825 [LuthCemWest]
KOERNER, Matheus, Born ? [LuthCemWest]
KOERNER, Will, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]

LANDSETEL [BRACK], Catharina, Born 1864 [LuthCemEast]
LANDSETEL [BRACK], Margaret Sophia, Born 1867 [LuthCemEast]

LAWRENCE, H. P., Born ? [OldPublicCem]

LOESCHER, Casper (Father), Born 1812-1813 [LuthCemEast]
LOESCHER, Maria (Mother), Born 1812-1813 [LuthCemEast]

[LUKE / LUCK] STIRN, Katherine E., Born 1900 [LuthCemWest]

MARSHALL [STIERLE], Anna, Born c. 1866 [LuthCemEast]

{McDANIELS, Ilene, Born 1948, Buried Stipps Hill Cem.}

[MEIER] ELLERMAN, Annie {Anna Marie}, Born 1855 [LuthCemEast]

METCALF, Harold, Born 1947 [LuthCemWest]

MILLER, Frederick, Born ? [LuthCemEast]

MOHR, Conrad, Born 1842 [LuthCemWest]
MOHR [PEPPER], Cora L., Born 1877 [LuthCemEast]
MOHR [BOLTZ], Elizabeth, Born 1850 [LuthCemWest]
MOHR [REIFEL], Eva Catherine, Born 1812 [OldPublicCem]
MOHR, Harold, Born 1908 [LuthCemEast]
[MOHR] DOENCH, Hilma , Born 1898 [LuthCemEast]
MOHR, John T., Born ? [OldPublicCem]
MOHR, Lillie, [Twin] Born 1904 [LuthCemEast]
[MOHR] GRAHAM, Lina, Born 1873 [Luth. Cem.] [Later moved to Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio]
[MOHR] PETZHOLD, Helen, Born 1900 [Later moved to Rose Hill Cemetery, Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio]
MOHR [ROUCH / ROUSH], Martha Maria, Born 1845 [OldPublicCem]
MOHR, Paul P., Born 1909 [LuthCemEast]
MOHR, William C. "Will," Born 1878 [LuthCemEast]
MOHR, Willie, [Twin] Born 1904 [LuthCemEast]
MOHR, Walter H., Born ? [LuthCem, no location]

O'BRECHT, Geraldine, Born ? Died 1972 [LuthCemEast]

PALMER, Raymond J., Born 1894 [LuthCemEast]

PEPPER, August, Born 1821 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, August, Born 1874 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, August, Born 1892 [LuthCemEast]
[PEPPER] STIRN, Augusta K. "Gussie," Born 1882 [LuthCemWest]
PEPPER, Bobby, Born 1934 [LuthCemWest]
PEPPER [HEINEMAN], Caroline (Mother), Born 1852 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, Charles (Father), Born ? [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, (Charles) Karl, Born 1847 [LuthCemEast]
[PEPPER] REIFEL, Charlotta E. "Lotta," Born 1884 [LuthCemEast]
{PEPPER} {KOERNER}, Charlotte, Born 1880 [LuthCemWest]
[PEPPER] MOHR, Cora L., Born 1877 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER [SCHMID / SMITH], Elizabeth, Born 1849 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, Emma M., Born 1882 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, Essie, Born 1861 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, Flora, Born 1890 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, Herman F., Born 1885 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER [REIFEL], Hulda M., Born 1894 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, Louis R., Born 1849 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, Mother, Born ? [LuthCemEast]
[PEPPER] {BRINKMAN} SCHERER, Paulina, Born 1857 [LuthCemEast]
[PEPPER] HANNEBAUM, Tillia M. [Mathilda Maria], Born 1877 [LuthCemEast]
PEPPER, Victor, Born 1879 [LuthCem, no location]
PEPPER, Will, Born 1865? [LuthCemWest]

PETERSON, Christena, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
[PETERSON?] HORSTMAN, Christina, Born 1835 [LuthCemWest]

PETZHOLD [MOHR], Helen, Born 1900 [LuthCemEast] [Later moved to Rose Hill Cemetery, Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio]
PETZHOLD, William B., Born ? [LuthCemEast] [Later moved to Rose Hill Cemetery, Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio]

POWELL [HANNEBAUM], Alma Marie, Born 1902 [LuthCemEast]
POWELL, Earl, Born ? [LuthCemEast]

PROUTY, Hilda E., Born 1892 [LuthCemEast]
PROUTY, K., Born ? [LuthCemEast]

QUINLAN, [Child], Born ? [LuthCemEast]
QUINLAN, [Child], Born ? [LuthCemEast]
QUINLAN, Leslie, Born ? [LuthCemEast]

REIDER, Emma C., Born 1860 [OldPublicCem]

REIFEL, [Unknown], Born 1860 [OldPublicCem]
REIFEL, [Unknown], Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
RIEFEL, Almont J., Born 1881 [LuthCemEast]
REIFEL, Andy, Born 186? [OldPublicCem]
REIFEL [HORSTMAN], Catherine L., Born 1856 [LuthCemWest]
REIFEL [PEPPER], Charlotta E. "Lotta," Born 1884 [LuthCemEast]
REIFEL, Christina, Born 1851 [LuthCemWest]
[REIFEL] HANNEBAUM, Clara M., Born 1878 [LuthCemEast]
REIFEL, Conrad, Born 1840 [LuthCemWest]
[REIFEL] MOHR, Eva Catherine, Born 1812 [OldPublicCem]
REIFEL, Frank H., Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
REIFEL, Frederich, Born 1803 [OldPublicCem]
REIFEL, Georg, Born 1806 [OldPublicCem]
REIFEL, George, Born 1805 [LuthCemWest]
REIFEL, George, Born 1855 [LuthCemWest]
[REIFEL] PEPPER, Hulda M., Born 1894 [LuthCemEast]
REIFEL, Jacob W., Born 1849 [LuthCemEast]
REIFEL, Louisa, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
[REIFEL] ROEMER, Margaret (Maggie), Born 1859 [LuthCemWest]
REIFEL, Margaretha, Born 1806 [OldPublicCem]
REIFEL, Margaretha, Born 1860 [OldPublicCem]
REIFEL, Marina, Born 1817 [OldPublicCem]
REIFEL [KIRSCHBAUM], Mary M., Born 1852 [LuthCemEast]
REIFEL, Merle, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
REIFEL, Michael, Born 1832 [LuthCemWest]
REIFEL, Theobald "Draft," Born 1842 [LuthCemWest]
REIFEL, Vera, Born 1908 [LuthCemEast]
REIFEL [DOEBLING], Wilhelmina, Born 1836 [LuthCemWest]
REIFEL, Will, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]

[ROEMER] ELLERMAN, Anna Elisabeth, Born 1847 [LuthCemWest]
ROEMER [BECHT], Anna Martha, Born 1816 [LuthCemWest]
ROEMER, Heinrich, Born 1818 [LuthCemWest]
ROEMER, Justus, Born 1852 [LuthCemWest]??
ROEMER, John, Born 1855 [LuthCemWest]??
ROEMER [REIFEL], Margaret (Maggie), Born 1859 [LuthCemWest]
ROEMER, Minnie, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
ROEMER, Otto H., Born ? [LuthCem, no location]

[ROUCH / ROUSH] MOHR, Martha Maria, Born 1845 [OldPublicCem]

SCHERER, Max, Born 1879 [LuthCemEast]
SCHERER [PEPPER] {BRINKMAN}, Paulina, Born 1857 [LuthCemEast]

SCHLIGEL / SCHLEGAL [WEGMANN], Caroline, Born 1838 [LuthCemEast]
SCHLIGEL / SCHLEGAL, Fredrick, Born 1834 [LuthCemEast]
SCHLIGEL / SCHLEGAL, Henry, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
SCHLIGEL / SCHLEGAL, Maggie, Born 1869 [LuthCemWest]
SCHLIGEL / SCHLEGAL, W. Foxall, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]

[SCHMID / SMITH] PEPPER, Elizabeth, Born 1849 [LuthCemEast]

SCHNEIDER [STIERLE], Louise "Tillie", Born 1871 [LuthCemEast]
SCHNEIDER, Otto A., Born 1856 [LuthCemEast]

SCHONERT, Caroline Louisa, Born 1870 [OldPublicCem]
SCHONERT, Johann Christoph, Born 1799 [OldPublicCem]
SCHONERT [KLEINGUNTHER], Thorothea, Born 1808 [OldPublicCem]

SCHUNEMAN, [Unknown], Born ? [OldPublicCem]
SCHUNEMAN, [Unknown], Born ? [OldPublicCem]
SCHUNEMAN, [Unknown], Born ? [OldPublicCem]
SCHUNEMAN [STIRN], Anna K., Born 1877 [LuthCemEast]
SCHUNEMAN [HEINEMANN], Frederike, Born 1849 [OldPublicCem]
VOHLAND [SCHUNEMAN], Goldie, Born 1903 [OldPublicCem]
SCHUNEMAN, Louis P., Born 1870 [LuthCemEast]
SCHUNEMAN, Manda, Born ? [LuthCemWest]
SCHUNEMAN, Martha F., Born 1905 [LuthCemEast]
[SCHUNEMAN] {SWARTZ} {HANNEBAUM}, Matilda "Tillie", Born c. 1880, Buried Metamora Cem.}

SMITH, Adam, Born 1809 [LuthCem, no location]
[SMITH / SCHMID] PEPPER, Elizabeth, Born 1849 [LuthCemEast]
SMITH, Margaret, Born 1850 [LuthCemEast]
SMITH, Mary, Born 1857 [LuthCemEast]
SMITH, Sarah, Born 1862 [LuthCemEast]

[SOMMER] BECKY, Anna, Born 1826 [LuthCemEast]
[SOMMER] STIERLE, Walburga, Born 1833 [LuthCemEast]

STEINHAGEN, Ruket Johannes {Mr.}, Born 1811 [OldPublicCem]
STEINHAGEN [----------], Sophia, Born 1814 [OldPublicCem]

STEWART [BLENZINGER], Theresia M., Born c. 1859 [Peppertown Cem., no location]

[STIERLE] MARSHALL, Anna, Born c. 1866 [LuthCemEast]
STIERLE, Jacob, Born 1827 [LuthCemEast]
[STIERLE] SCHNEIDER, Louise "Tillie", Born 1871 [LuthCemEast]
STIERLE [SOMMER], Walburga, Born 1833 [LuthCemEast]

STIRN, [Unknown], Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
STIRN, Allen William, Born 1908 [Peppertown Cem., location not yet known]
STIRN, Andrew {Johann Andreas}, Born 1848 [LuthCemWest]
[STIRN] SCHUNEMAN, Anna K., Born 1877 [LuthCemEast]
STIRN, Anna M., Born 1884 [Luth. Cemetery, West]
STIRN [PEPPER], Augusta K. "Gussie," Born 1882 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN, Carl F., Born 1888 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN, George Michael, Born 1806 [LuthCemEast]
STIRN, Henry, Born ? [LuthCemEast] [Which one of 3?]
STIRN, Johann Andrew {John Andreas}, Born 1848 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN [LUKE / LUCK], Katherine E., Born 1900 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN, Louis Friedrich, Sr., Born 1857 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN, Louis Frederich, Jr., Born 1879 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN, Lula A. {Amelia}, Born 1899 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN [TEUFEL], Margaretha / Margaret B., Born 1863 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN [WAMBACH], Martha Elizabeth, Born 1852 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN [HOLMAN], Vivian, Born 1916 [Peppertown Cem., location not yet known]
STIRN [BRACK], Wilhelmine, Born 1885 [LuthCemWest]
STIRN, William A., Sr. (Wilhelm Andrew), Born 1874[LuthCemWest]

STOVER, Carl, Born [LuthCemWest]

{SWARTZ [SCHUNEMAN] {HANNEBAUM}, Matilda "Tillie", Born c. 1880, Buried Metamora Cem.}

TEUFEL, Adam, Born 1887 [LuthCemWest]
TEUFEL [DIETZEL], Anna, Born 1863 [LuthCemEast]
TEUFEL, Elizabeth (Mother), Born ? Died 1902 [LuthCemEast]
TEUFEL, Fred, Born 1854 [LuthCemEast]
TEUFEL, George Friedrich, (Father), Born ? {Circa 1820?} [LuthCemEast]
TEUFEL, John C., Born 1902 [LuthCemEast]
TEUFEL, Louis, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
[TEUFEL] DOENGES, Mamie, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
[TEUFEL] STIRN, Margaretha / Margaret, Born 1868 [LuthCemWest]
TEUFEL, Tillie, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]

VOHLAND [SCHUNEMAN], Goldie, Born 1903 [OldPublicCem]
VOHLAND, Gustav, Born 1864 [OldPublicCem]
VOHLAND, Michael, Born 1819 [OldPublicCem]
VOHLAND, Rudolph, Born 1859 [OldPublicCem]
VOHLAND, Ivan "Eugene", Born 1850 [OldPublicCem]
VOHLAND, Anna, Born 1862 [OldPublicCem]

WAMBACK [----------], Anna Catharina, Born 1817 [LuthCemWest]
WAMBACK, Johann, Born 1831 {or 1822?} [LuthCemWest]
[WAMBACH] STIRN, Martha Elizabeth, Born 1852 [LuthCemWest]

[WEGMANN] SCHLIGEL / SCHLEGAL, Caroline, Born 1838 [LuthCemEast]

WHITE, Estella, Born ? [LuthCemEast]
WHITE, Henry, Born 1877 [LuthCemEast]

WILHELM [BECHT?], F., Born 1861 [OldPublicCem]

WITZ, (Mrs.), Born ? [LuthCemEast]

WOLF, [Unknown], Born 1813 [LuthCemWest]
WOLF, [Unknown], Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
WOLF, August, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
WOLF, Charles, Born ? [LuthCemWest]
WOLF [----------], Christina Friedericka, Born 1800 [OldPublicCem]
WOLF, E. G., Born 1894 [LuthCem, no location]
WOLF, Earl Dewey, Born 1897 [LuthCemWest]
WOLF [HOSE? or BEELER?], Elizabeth, Born 1844 [LuthCemWest]
{WOLF [HOSE? or BEELER?], Elizabeth, Born 1855?, Buried Brookville Cem.}
WOLF, Eugene Charles, Born 1829 [LuthCemWest]
WOLF, Ferdinand, Born 1801 [OldPublicCem]
WOLF, George Karl, Born 1807 [LuthCemWest]
{WOLF, Henry, Born c. 1847, Buried Brookville Cem.}
WOLF, Henry, Born ? [LuthCemWest]
{WOLF, Henry John, Born c. 1873, Buried Brookville Cem.}
WOLF, Herbert, Born ? [LuthCemWest]
{WOLF, John, Born c. 1876, Buried Metamora Cem.}
WOLF, Joseph, Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
WOLF, Karl, Born 1845 [LuthCemWest]
WOLF [BEELER], Lucinda (Luzenda), Born 1855 [LuthCemWest]
WOLF, Lurie E., Born ? [LuthCem, no location]
WOLF, Mary Elizabeth, Born 1870 [LuthCemWest]
WOLF, Ray (Buddy), Born 1892 [LuthCemWest]
WOLF, Roy, Born 1918 [LuthCemWest]

[WULBER] HANNEBAUM, Catherine, Born 1842 [LuthCemWest]

[ZIMMERMAN] HANNEBAUM, Dorotha A., Born 1914 [LuthCemEast]