Simmons Cemetery 
Also known as the Drake Farm or Wallace-McNutt Cemetery 
This cemetery is located in Springfield Township on the WolberFarm
NameBirthDeath Notes
SAUNDERS, Mary Ann---February 23, 1952wife of Phlemgming Saunders 
21 years
McKNIGHT, Catherine------no dates
McKNIGHT, Nancy------no dates
CUMMINS, Lucenda1784---wife of Thomas Cummin 
age 84
WALLACE, John H., M.D.January 7, 1807January 7, 188174 years
WALLACE, SusannahAugust 28, 1806November 1, 188882 years, 3 months, 2 days
WALLACE, Sarah---September 13, 1845wife of James 
56 years, 8 months, 17 days
WALLACE, James---September 13, 185778 years, 6 months, 24 days
WALLACE, Joseph---December 24, 1848son of James & Sarah Wallace
McKNIGHT, David------no dates
McKNIGHT, Jefferson------no dates
McKNIGHT, Malinda Ann------no dates
McKNIGHT, Jane------no dates
McKNIGHT, Hannah------no dates
McKNIGHT, Andrew------no dates
McNUTT, JohnDonegal, IrelandOctober 2, 1813---
McNUTT, SarahDonegal, IrelandNovember 19, 1827age 70
TODD, MarthaDecember 17, 1771August 31, 1849da of John McNutt 
wife of George Todd
Special thanks to Kris Bain of Indianapolis for assistance withthis listing
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