Fulton County Census Page

Before proceeding to the census file there are a few things you should note. First, eventually the census project will have a search engine that will work with this data. Right now this file is just a "print-out" of the data I have input. Also, for some reason the last several columns of this file are not showing, that's where married in the last year, attended school in the last year, can't read, deaf, blind, etc. and remarks are located.
Second, this file reflects the transcribers interpretation of the census taker's writing. The census project is looking for a checker to review the data for it's accuracy and interpretation. The census taker has rather poor writing, his capital I and Js are almost identical, he rarely crosses his t's and like many census takers in the 1800s spelling is often not close to how it should have been, many census takers had little education and spelled things phonetically, not the way it should have been spelled. Please take this into account when looking for people, just as you would if you were looking at the actual census form. We believe the final search engine will have a soundex feature which will help.

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Wendy Bower