Cemetery Records with photographs of headstones.

Garrett Cemetery

Montgomery Township

Gibson County, Indiana

Coordinates:Latitude, 38.2689 N;  Longitude, 87.7512 W
Congressional Location:SW-1/4; NW-1/4; SECTION 9; TOWNSHIP 3S; RANGE 12W
Common Directions:Located about 200 yards south of CR 575S.  From the intersection of SR 165 and CR 575S go east about 150 yards to an unpaved road, on the right,  at the top of the hill.  Follow the unpaved road back to an old barn.  From the southeast corner of the barn, the cemetery was located about another 30-40 yards south-southeast into the woods.
Last updated  15 Nov 2009

The following list is an attempt to show all known graves, using using photographs of the headstones.  Notes were supplemented with marriage and census records plus genealogy records.  There certainly are unmarked graves plus a few unknown due to missing, unreadable, destroyed or broken markers.  
If you have knowledge of any other graves which may not be shown below, please drop us an e-mail and let us know.   
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Given Name

Birth Date

Death Date

Inscriptions & Notes

Photo #                   Photo





12 Aug 1872

19 Nov 1872

Son of Reuben J & Phebe "Febe" C (MOBLEY) JONES GARRETT RACINE.

Headstone not found.




Reuben J

10 Feb 1829

23 Dec 1881

Son of Shuble and Martha (WHITE) GARRETT.






2 ??? 1870


Son of Reuben J & Phebe "Febe" C (MOBLEY) JONES GARRETT RACINE.

Headstone not found.




Charles A

20 Jan 1862


Date of death is not readable.

Footstone was located about 20 feet to the east of the headstone; appears have been placed into a base for a headstone.





Section and Row definitions. 

Nothing visible remains of the cemetery except for a few stones scattered around in the undergrowth.  The former landowner reports that there were "several"  headstones about 15 years ago.  This cemetery was located thanks to the Garrett and Higginbotham families.  (See  information attached below the photographs.)


0927  View of the headstones found.
0928  View of the headstones found., with footstone for R J G.

The following was copied from a book by Jeanne Southwood Garrett.



In The Beginning


“In the year 1809, the Indiana lands were opened for settlement for anyone with a strong back and adventurous spirit.  Large tracts were sold at Vincennes (Old Fort Sackville) to land speculators, who in turn sold the land in smaller tracts.  Robert Anderson bought the land around the present day Johnson, Indiana.  In 1818 Presley and Elizabeth Garrett purchased land from Anderson.  Later the land was sold to Warrick Johnson who plotted the town and laid out the lots for the village of Johnson.


Long before the town of Johnson came into being three was an interesting little spot just a little south of where the town now stands.  There was a grist mill whose water wheel was powered by the spring fed strean.  This mill was operated by Shuble Garrett (b. 1793, d. 1864.)


The story has it that the mill ran faster when water was plentiful and slower when the supply was down.  One day a farmer brought corn to be ground on a “low” day, and the milling process was very slow.  Finally in irritation the farmer mumble “one grain at a time, one grain at a time.”  That was it, the disgruntled Shuble “threw in the spounge” so to speak and shut down the mill, never to open again.  Afterwards Shuble was called “Contrary” Garrett.  No doubt this little trait can be found in many of the Garretts today!


15 Apr 1982   Eva Lou (Garrett) Allen found near the site of the old mill a cemetery near a horse training barn.  She and Naomi Williams dug out some of the old stones.  As near as they could make them out, they read:  1.  Charles A. Jones b. 30 Jan 1862 d. 19 Nov 188? (standing stone.)  2. R. J. Garret b. 10 Feb 1829 d. 23 Dec 1881 (this stone was dug out of the ground, in good condition.)  3. Shuble son of R.J. and F. b. __ 2 1870 (bottom of stone was broken across the age – very worn when dug out.)  4. Corner (sic, footstone) with R.J.G. was dug out of the ground.  5. Corner (sic, footstone) with P.G.  6. Pressley Garret son of R. J. & F. C. Garrett b. 19 Nov 1872 d. 12 Aug 1982 – this stone was broken across the top of death date, note the months, they must be reversed.  This stone was standing in 1978 when Eva Lou and her dau-in-law., Mona Allen first seen the grave site.  (note Garret spelled with only one t)


After the death of Presly Garrett (1765-1844) Shuble purchased some of his land, and his mother lived with him.  After the death of Shuble in 1864, his son Reuben lived with his mother.  Ruben was m. to Phebe C. Mobley, may have been spelled Febe.  Ruben died in 1881 and Phebe m. Charles A. Jones.  After Charles’ death Phebe m. Cornelius Garrett.  In 1901 Phebe m. Charles Racine.  Presley Garrett (b. 1825, son of Shuble) and wife Emeline Duncan purchased Ruben Garrett’s estate 1882-84.


30 May 1984  Bettie Garrett Sparks and husband Jim, my husband, Bob Garrett and I, went to the site of the old mill.  I am the opinion that the sands have most likely covered many of the burial sites of the earlier Garrett’s.  As far as I know, no graves have been found for Presly, Elizabeth or any of their children.  This book is dedicated to them as living memorial – tho gone – they are not forgotten.”