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Sand Bluff

aka Indian Burial Groud

Montgomery Township

Gibson County, Indiana

Coordinates:Latitude, 38.2925 N;  Longitude, -87.7602 W
Congressional Location:SW-1/4; SECTION 33; TOWNSHIP 2S; RANGE 12W
Common Directions:

"On the level land at the base of a high bluff, ... 23 feet northwest of the northwest point of the bluff, located in the southwest quarter of secton thirty-three, township twp, south range, range 12, west, the survey of 1804."

Last updated  24 Jul 2012

This area has long been known as the location of an "Indian burial ground" on the top of the bluff, but there is no known documentation.  The burial of two early pioneers to this area of what is now Gibson County, is documented.  The tale of their deaths is chronicled in a remarkable story recounted in the reference cited below.  Confirmation of the present day area of the burials was made with the assistance of John Howe, Gibson County, GIS Director.
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Given Name

Birth Date

Death Date

Inscriptions & Notes
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Photo #                   Photo







Killed by Indians. 

First US Reg., 1785-1790. 
Served at Vincennes under Major Jean Francois Hamtramck.

Photo not available.







Child of James & Rachel GRISCOM. 

Killed by Indians.

Photo not available.



Section and Row definitions. 

No definition.  Exact location of burials can not be established.


Reference:   Pioneer History of Indiana (1907).  See Chapter V, pp. 105-129.
Author:  Cockrum, William Monroe
Publisher:  Press of Oakland City Journal, Oakland City, Indiana.
Book digitized by Open Library (Internet Archives)