Cemetery Records with photographs of headstones.

Rutledge Cemetery

Union Township

Gibson County, Indiana
Coordinates: Latitude, 38.2250; Longitude, 87.6443
Congressional Location: SE-1/4; NW-1/4; SECTION 28; TOWNSHIP 3S; RANGE 11W
Common Directions:

Located west southwest of Fort Branch.   West side of CR 400W, about 800 yards south of CR 850S and 500 yards north of CR 900S.

Last updated  20 Oct 2009

The following list is an attempt to show all known graves, using several different sources. There certainly are other graves which are unknown due to missing, unreadable, destroyed or broken markers.   It appears that there have been at least four distinct rows of burials and the row length would easily accomodate 5-6 burials each.   The destruction of the headstones here has been severe; all have been knocked flat to the ground as of October 2009.
If you have knowledge of any other graves which may not be shown below, please drop us an e-mail and let us know.   
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                                                                                                                                                                2009 Daniel L Elliott
Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathInscriptions and NotesPhoto#                         Headstone
DouglassLuticia15 Jan 1837??Daughter of John & Ann DOUGLASS.7576  (Taken 20 Oct 2009)

004 (Taken  8 April 2008 by Martha Earls)
RutledgeA G----Footstone.7575
RutledgeE T----Footstone7565
RutledgeI----Footstone 7564
RutledgeJane28 Jul 18116 Sep 1866Wife of Eziekel RUTLEDGE.001 (Taken  8 April 2008 by Martha Earls)
RutledgeMartin S--17 Oct 1840Son of Eziekel & Jane RUTLEDGE.  Aged 1 yr 11 mo.002 (Taken  8 April 2008 by Martha Earls)

7568  (Taken 20 Oct 2009)
RutledgeSarahc. 17883 Mar 1874Wife of William RUTLEDGE.  Aged 84 yr 9 mo & 5 da.
(Birth date confirmed from 1850 and 1860 census records.)
003 (Taken  8 April 2008 by Martha Earls)

7569  (Taken 20 Oct 2009)
RutledgeWilliam C3 Jul 182413 Mar 1853Not found 20 Oct 2009!003 (Taken  8 April 2008 by Martha Earls)
Rutledge?--20 May ??  
Aged 20 yrs 10 mo's 15 da's.
Broken stone.  (Broken again since 2008.)
005 (Taken  8 April 2008 by Martha Earls)

7563  (Taken 20 Oct 2009)
???25 Apr ????No other pieces found.7577
????Aged 15 Ys. ? Ms. 3 Ds.
(Break along top of stone appears to be recent -- 20 Oct 2009.)
???6 Nov 18__Aged 3 yrs 6 mos. 3 days.7572
????Aged 8 yrs. 9 mos. 9 dys.7573
??----Stone crumbles when moved.7567
??----No visible inscription on either side of stone.7570
????Footstone (buried).7578

7580  Looking north from CR 400W (road is not maintained by county.)  Cemetery on ridge in center of photograph.
7579  View of cemetery looking west from high bank along CR 400W.  A few of the flattened stones are barely visible.
7571  Looking northwest in middle of cemetery.
7562  Broken stones at northeast corner of cemetery.

Transcriptons taken from the headstones.

Photographs by Martha Earls on 8 Apr 2008 and Daniel L Elliott on 20 Oct 2009.