Gibson Co., Ind., Nov. 24, 1860--

  Dear Bro. Goodwin:  With a sorrowful heart

I seat myself to record the death of my beloved

brother Joshua Saulman, who died with a full

triumph of christian faith, on the 16th day of

May, 1860, at his residence, in sight of Union

Meeting-house, aged 40 years, 10 months and 22

days.  He made a public confession of his faith

in the Son of God, and was buried with his

Lord in baptism by Bro. Moses Goodwin about

11 years before his death, and attached himself

to the church at Union, where he lived a worthy

member until his death.  He leaves 7 orphan

children to mourn their loss--his wife having

died about ten months and twenty days before

him.  He also leaves many friends to bear their

loss.  He was a kind husband and father, and a

good neighbor.  His disease was consumption,

which was lingering and severe for months; but

he bore it as a christian, being willing for the

Lord's will to be done.  May the good Lord

bless his children and early bring them to fol-

low his worthy example, that at last they may

meet him in heaven with all his friends.

     "Dearest brother, thou hast left us,

          Here thy loss we deeply feel;

     But 'tis God that has bereft us,

          He can all our sorrows heal.

     Yet again we hope to meet thee,

          When the day of life is fled;

     There in heaven with joy to greet thee,

          Where no farewell tear is shed."

                              ELIJAH SAULMAN