John R. Campbell was born in Indiana county, Pa., July 17, 1800.


He was married in 1835.


In 1836 he moved to Indiana and settled in Gibson county, and lived in Princeton or vicinity until his death.


Between the years of 1836 and 1843 he buried three infant sons and his wife, Mrs. Harriet Campbell.


He was one of the oldest members of the Princeton Congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, joining soon after coming to Princeton, on profession of faith in Christ. And it can truly be said of him in his profession, that he lived up to all he professed.


February 19, 1845, he was married to Malinda McCalia (sic), daughter of the late David McCalla, with whom he lived in the most perfect harmony and love until separated by death.


He was a good citizen, good neighbor, kind to the poor, especially to the orphan. In business transactions he was honest, attentive and prompt in his own, but never meddling with others.


He died of hemorrhage of the lungs, August 9, 1877, aged 77 years and 23 days. He died in peace with God and man, and respected by all who knew him.


His death is deeply felt by his wife, relatives and the church. But all must bow in submission. J. E. J. [Princeton Clarion, Thursday, 6 Sep 1877]