Princeton Clarion dated 1/5/1888:


"Death of William J. Kendle"


The local columns of this paper last week chronicled the fact that William J. Kendle, who lived five and a half miles southwest of here, was seriously ill, with little hope of his recovery. Almost before the paper had been sent out Thursday morning, the hand of Death had touched and cooled his fever heated brow and his life ended, peacefully and quietly. He died at about ten o'clock of the morning mentioned (29 Dec 1887), after an illness of four weeks of typhoid fever lacking only a few days of being sixty years old. His illness had been of a serious nature for a week or more, but for a few days previous to the Tuesday before he died he was in a fair way for final recovery. Upon that day, a profuse hemorrhage set in and hastened his death.


Mr. Kendle was born in Harrison county (18 Jan 1828), near Corydon, and came to this county when quite young, probably fifty-five years ago, and has resided here ever since. He was a farmer, well-to-do and of sterling worth. "He was a good man" is the very expressive manner in which he his spoken of by his friends and acquaintances, and he will be greatly missed in the neighborhood in which he lived.


Deceased was never ill before in his life sufficiently to need the service of a physician, which is somewhat remarkable in a man of his years, and his, was the first death that ever occurred in the family. He leaves a wife and four children, two sons and two daughters, to mourn his death. The children are all married.


The funeral took place last Friday at the White church and the remains were interred in the cemetery near by.  (Columbia Cemetery)


GCHS, Georgia McEllhiney