Princeton IN Newspaper March 1890--

     "DIED--at his home near Owensville on 20th of

     March, 1890, Samuel Muck, Sr.

     Mr. Muck was one of the oldest citizens of Gibson

     Co.  He was born in Montgomery Co. W. Va. 8-19-1807.

     When only four years old he was brought into Harrison

     Co. by his parents where he learned the hardships of

     pioneer life. In 1836 he emigrated to Gibson Co.

     and settled on the farm on which he remained until

     his death.

     In 1830 he was married to Mary Spore with whom he lived

     happily until 11/22/1886 when he was called upon to

     witness her departure from earth.

     Their union was blessed by three children, two of whom sur-

     vive their parents; the third having died in infancy.  In

     his early youth, Mr. Muck embraced the Christian religion

     and joined the United Brethren church, living consistent

     Christian to the day of his death."