Andrew and Mary Allenís son was John Milton Allen and he married Letitia Cooke.     Letitia and, John Allen, began their voyage from Convoy, County Donegal, Ireland to America in February, 1851 just a few days after they were married. Johnís brother, Cunningham traveled with them. They traveled on the ship Cato from Ireland. Another ship's captain saw the ship go aground and flounder.  It really didn't sink, but rather got stuck in shallow water near Nassau and over a period of days, broke apart.  Everyone survived.   Bahamasí natives, "wreckers" (rackers) came out in small boats and took them ashore. The entire Bahamian region is on a shallow plateau and navigating between the islands is hazardous. So many ships got stuck that these wreckers made a living taking people ashore. John and Letitia Andrew, Mary, and Cunningham caught a ride on another ship bound for New Orleans a few weeks after the Cato went down 2-3 miles north of the island of Bimini in 16 feet of water.  They stayed in Nassau, New Providence, John poured whiskey into bottles and Letitia sewed shirts together until they got a another ride to New Orleans. They stayed in New Orleans, worked for a while for a few months, until they had money for passage to Princeton, Indiana


In 1870 Johnís parents, Andrew and Mary Allen came to Princeton Indiana and lived with Cunningham. Andrew Allen was born 1788 in Ireland, and died 1876 in Gibson County, Indiana. He was buried in Archers Cemetery, Gibson County, Indiana. His wife, Mary Unknown was born 1786 in Ireland and died 1872 and is also buried in Archer Cemetery, Gibson County Indiana.

Ruth Sprowl Chandler is the granddaughter of Letitia and John Allen. She is buried at Archer Cemetery.

 Contributed by Sue McFarland, 1 Jan 2013