October 31, 1907

  Wilson McEuen, of this city, tells us of a very interesting Barton county character, whose career has just come to a close.  It was the well known “Parson” Short, who died at his home down at Golden City, upon the 23rd inst.  “He came to Golden City,” said  Mr. McEuen, “in 1879, as pastor of the local Methodist church.  He liked Golden City, and decided to locate there permanently.  He went into the berry business upon a large scale, and was quite successful.  His wines became known for miles about.  He was a great hunter and angler, and up to the very end, he took great interest in these sports.  He was active for many years in the church after he left the ministry, though he had one or two little hitches with the church, and also with one of the ministers.  During his later years, he might not always have been upon the best terms with the church, but he never lost his religious faith.  He was seventy-seven years of age, at the time of his death.”


NOTE--"Parson" Short was Rev William Oldham Short (1830-1907),

           of Evansville, who became a Methodist minister at several

           churches in Missouri. He was a brother of Lewis Washington

           Short of Owensville.