Aged Owensville Citizen Expires

         While in a Carriage

OWENSVILLE, IND. Sept. 22—Elbert “Eb”  Spore 88 years old, of Owensville, died suddenly Saturday morning while he and his daughter, Mrs. Mary Onyett, were riding in a carriage enroute to Mt. Carmel, Ill. where they intended to board a train for Belmont, Ill., the home of Mrs. Onyett.  Mr. Spore had planned to spend the winter at Belmont, and when he left Saturday, he appeared to be in fairly good health.  Eddie Peck, as driver, accompanied Mr. Spore and daughter.

  When the party reached Glazier's fishing camp on the Wabash river, seven miles west of here, Mr. Spore expired very suddenly.  The body was taken to the home of George McClellan, a farmer.  Later in the day, it was brought to Owensville.  The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. D. Hulfish, a daughter of the deceased.  Rev. Clarence Almon of the General Baptist church officiated and burial was at the White Church cemetery.

  Surviving Mr. Spore are four daughters and two sons, Mrs. Mary Onyett of Belmont, Ill., Mrs. Lou Wolfenberg, Evansville, Mrs. John Dufriend and Mrs. E. D. Hulfish of Owensville, James Spore, of Kings, and Morris Spore of Owensville.

     (Princeton Clarion News,

        Mon. Sept. 22, 1913)