Princeton Clarion dated Tuesday, September 12, 1916


"Miss Elizabeth Watt - After a severe illness lasting almost ten weeks Miss Elizabeth

Watt passed away at 9:45 Monday evening at her home, the corner of Spruce and

Seminary streets.


Death came to her in the same house in which she was born on May

4th, 1863 and which has been her home during all the intervening years.


Miss Watt was the youngest daughter of James and Rebecca Watt, both of whom

preceded her in death many years.


She is survived by three brothers and one sister, William Watt, of Evansville; James and Tom Watt of Princeton, and Mrs. Anna Little, also of this city.


Miss Watt was a life long member of the Reformed Presbyterian church of which (t)he

father was an elder. Her character was exemplary and its beauty was shown by the fact

that her dying concern was for others rather than for herself. She held to life hoping that

she might again see her nephew, Oliver Watt, who is now an officer in Company M, on

the border, and for whom she had cared as a mother from his babyhood.


The sympathy of the community goes out to all those friends and relatives to whom Miss

Watt had made herself so dear and especially to the brother who with her has lived in the

home of their childhood.


The funeral services will be held in the home on the corner of Seminary and Spruce

streets Wednesday at 4 p.m. and will be conducted by her pastor, M.S. McMillan,

assisted by Dr. Morris Watson. Interment will be in Warnock cemetery."


GCHS, Georgia McEliney.