Princeton, Indiana newspaper dated Friday, January 30, 1931.


Thomas Wilson, Patoka, killed last night at Embree Street crossing of Southern – three companions injured.


Thomas Wilson, 27, son of Jesse Wilson, Patoka, died of injuries suffered about 11:30 o’clock last night when his automobile was struck by a backing Southern railroad train at the Embree Street crossing.  Three companions were injured.


Wilson suffered internal injuries, also a compound fracture of the left thigh, fracture of right thigh and fracture of both bones of the right fore-arm.


The injured are:

 Charles Murphy, 19, son of Mr. And Mrs. Hugh Murphy, Patoka, left leg broken above the knee, cuts on the face.


Harold Brown, 22, son of Mr. And Mrs. Will Brown, Patoka, nose broken suffering from cuts and bruises.


Charles Elliott, 18, son of Mr. And Mrs. John Elliott, Patoka, badly sprained ankle, several teeth knocked out, bruised about the face. Elliott is a brother-in-law of Wilson, the former’s sister having married the decedent.


All the injured were taken to the Methodist hospital here. Wilson died as he was being taken there.


Brown was able to leave the hospital this morning. It is thought Elliott will leave this afternoon.


The injured young men said they did not observe the approaching train as Wilson drove north onto the track, on the way home from Princeton.  The switching train, they said, backed into them from the west.


Car is Demolished

Wilson’s car, a Dodge touring car, with Michigan license, was demolished. It was brought in by the Simpson service wrecker but was practically crushed by the force of the collision. It was said that the force of the impact derailed the caboose of the switching train.


Wilson is survived by the father; the widow, Mrs. Minerva Elliott Wilson; four sons, Omar, Lester, Billie and Bobbie; a sister, Marie, who is married and lives near battle Creek, Mich.; a half brother, James Wilson, who lives at Battle Creek.


Born Near Patoka

The decedent was born near Patoka and spent most of his life in Patoka and vicinity.  He worked formerly at Battle Creek as a creamery employee but had not been employed there for several months. He had worked as a farm hand since returning from there.


The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at Patoka cemetery but other arrangements have not been completed.


The switcher was manned by the following crew: J.H. Phillips, foreman; Clyde Woods, engineer; E.F. Shlur, fireman; C.H. Thomas and F.H. Brainard, helpers.


Phillips, Thomas and Brainard were at the rear of the caboose, they said the train backed slowly from the west. Each carried his lantern, they reported.


Funeral of T. Wilson


The funeral of Thomas Wilson will be held at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon at the Patoka Methodist church, conducted by the Rev. Milton Boswell.


Burial will be in Patoka (Oak Hill) Cemetery.