Semi-Weekly Western Sun

Jan. 7, 1873

Death of Major McCalla, one of the Oldest Citizens of Southern Indiana


The Princeton Democrat, of last Friday, announces the death of this good man.  Our old friend, Major McCalla has passed away from our midst.  We will no more see his erect form, his elastic step, his genial countenance amongst us.  For over 36 years, he has dwelt in our midst, but the silver cord has been loosed, the golden bowl broken, the pitcher broken at the fountain, and he has gone to his home, whilst the mourners go about the streets.  He died an old man, full of years, an has been gathered to his people.


He was born in Chester District, South Carolina, in the year 1781, and died December 29, 1872, being in his 92nd year.  His youth and early manhood he spent in South Carolina.  Whilst comparatively young he made a profession of religion with the Associated Reformed Church.  In his 24th year, he married Miss Elizabeth Harbison, with whom he lived happily until her death, which took place in Princeton, Jan. 2, 1859.  He removed with his family from South Carolina in 1836, and took up his residence in our town, where he has resided until now.


While a young man and through life he was an ardent Democrat.  Gen. Jackson was his ideal of a man an President.  In difficulties that arose in South Carolina in regard to the secession principles of John C Calhoun, during the administration of General Jackson, he was bold and outspoken.  After his removal to this State, he was known as a decided and reliable Democrat, seeking by all honorable means to promote the success of his party, believing the best interests of the country would be promoted.


As a neighbor, few better could be found, ready at all times to do to others as he would have others do to him.  He loved his friends.  Little children loved him and as a consequence they could be seen playing in his yard and running to meet him on the street.  But grand pa is gone; he shall return no more.



The above was reprinted by the Northwest Trail Genealogical Society in the NORTHWEST TRAIL TRACER, Vol. XXXII No. 1, March 2011, p. 11.  Editor:  Donna Beeson.