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Mauck School - District No. 1, Montgomery Twp.
"Mauck school was located northeast of Owensville, southwest of the Leo Dyball farm."

MAUCK SCHOOL (ca. 1891)

MAUCK SCHOOL (ca 1891)

Front Row L to R—

  Elizabeth Lee, Hattie Fravel (Mrs Jacob Moser), Ada Armstrong (Mrs Jess McCarty),

  Lydia Stancil, Florence Armstrong (Mrs Oscar Bruce), Emma Fravel (Mrs Ellis

  Johnson), John Raines, Horace Spore, Arthur Lee, Charles Cleveland, Elmer Thomp-

  Son, Lytle Stancil, Tom Knight, Ellis Thompson, Francis Thompson, Millard Spore.

Second Row L to R—

  Ada Spore (Mrs John Bingham), Alice Knight, Flossie Cleveland (Mrs Vaden Lee),

  Florence Spore (Mrs Robert Cowan), Dora Raines (Mrs Dave Spore), Mary Armstrong

  (Mrs Lawrence Knowles), Minnie Spore (Mrs John Moser), Willie Stancil, John

  Knight, Homer Smith, George Fravel, Beales Lee.

Third Row L to R—

  Dora Stancil, Clara Armstrong (Mrs Oscar Mounts), Fannie Spore (Mrs Oscar Woodson),

  Effie Lancaster, Isaac Wright, Jesse Thompson, John Bingham, Lawrence Montgomery,

  Herbert Lee, Burl Knight.

      Identification provided by Horace Spore (1883-1968) in the 1940’s.

Submitted by Gerald L "Jerry" Spore.

Mauck School - District No. 1, Montgomery Twp.
"Mauck school was located northeast of Owensville, southwest of the Leo Dyball farm."


Mauck School photograph in 1897.  On the back, it says C. E. Kimball, teacher.  I can identify my father Horace Spore as Back Row, 7th from left.

(Note:  Clarence E Kimball was the teacher in 1897-98.)
(Click here to view a copy of a list of the names of pupils in 1897-1898.)

Submitted by Gerald L "Jerry" Spore.
Owensville High School "Proceedo Club" -- 1907

Submitted by Gerald L "Jerry" Spore.

OWENSVILLE HORSE SHOW -- Post Card 27 May 1909 -- Front Side

"You surely recognize this.  Have several others, but I think this is the best. I think you and Dorothy are very plain.  We have decided to go Tuesday A.M., so I would expect to hear from you Thursday P.M.  Had a long letter and several cards from the girls this A.M., soon be here.
          Yours,    L. F. Short"
Note--"Dorothy" is the horse.
Submitted by Gerald L "Jerry" Spore.  This card "was from my mother to my dad in 1909, a year before they were married. I think my mother was in Wash. DC to be with her sister Nella, or on the way there.  My dad may have been in a business college in Indy at that time."


J L SHORT, FURNITURE & UNDERTAKING (Bottom section cropped from top original)

This building stood on the SW corner of Main & Clark in Owensville, on the site where the Cumberland Presbyterian Church was built in 1916. It is diagonally across from the yellow brick home of Porter Short.
L to R - Picture of Sallie Massey Short (dec'd), Nella B. Short McGregor, Lelah F. Short Spore, Porter F. Short, Paul L. Short, Grace Short Ponzer, Roy D. Short, John L. Short (father), Noble A. Short (driving hearse).Picture probably taken winter of 1893-94.
Incidentally, the other photo in a window (at left) is believed to be Lewis Washington Short, father of John L Short.  Lewis died in 1890 and was a Civil War vet, who was captured at Chickamauga, and imprisoned at Libby Prison in Richmond VA.
Submitted by Gerald L "Jerry" Spore.

Central Hotel, prior to 1915
"The Central Hotel was located where Holder's Funeral Home is today. Mrs. Phillips was the proprietor.
Red Barton was her porter who "made" the trains regularly."
"A History of Owensville Indiana", 1982, McDowell Publications, Utica KY 42378, Page 14.
  (Marie Strickland, Editor) 

Front & back of postcard submitted by Warren Stewart, 28 May 2013
Della Phillips (great-grandmother) and Edna Phillips (grandmother)

Central Hotel -- from hotel to Funeral Home.

From a SOUTH GIBSON EXTRA, published by the Princeton Daily Clarion October 7 1999, with the headline "Holder Funeral Home celebrates 125 years in Owensville".  The first picture is of the John L Short family standing in front of the old Furniture and Undertaking store (see photo at top of this section) - then a series of three photos starting with the old hotel as it appeared in 1945, and a post-remodeling photo with white siding, and then the present look after brick was applied.

(This article and information supplied by Gerald "Jerry" Spore, 28 May 2013)

Harvey Harmon Home

About 1913.  Elsie (Spore) Woods Smith (1894-1995) standing in front of the old Harvey Harmon home on the

NE corner of N. Main and Clark St (facing south) in Owensville IN.  Young girl is believed to be one of the Harmon girls,

daughters of Harvey & Nora (McGinnis) Harmon.  Note the low concrete curb/wall on the front and side of the house. 

About 1915, this house was moved south across Clark St to make room for the new yellow brick home of Harvey Harmon. 

The old house remained, facing north, for several years next door to the Abie and Doris Thompson house on Clark Street.

Contributed by Gerald "Jerry" Spore.

Harmon -Short Home

Currently standing.  Built by Harvey Harmon about 1915, later owned by the Porter Short family until after 2000. 

Note the low concrete wall still standing.  The wall remained in place, although deteriorated, until about 2013.

Contributed by Gerald "Jerry" Spore.
Cumberland Presbyterian Church

This is a photo from Marie Strickland's History of Owensville, as it looked when erected in 1883 as a Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
 It's the only pic I have seen of the building with the steeple, which was later removed
Contributed by Gerald "Jerry" Spore.

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Above is a photo of the CP Church building, (dedicated 1916) on the SW corner of N. Main and Clark St,

on the site of the John L Short Furniture and Undertaking building.   

(See pic of Short family in front of that building about 1893, with Owensville Photographs.)

This photo is a congregation photo in front of the new Cumberland Presbyterian Church, taken about 1929-30. 

The large man on the front row, right end, is Andrew J "Jack" Spore, who died in 1934.  He was my grandfather.

Photos contributed by Gerald "Jerry" Spore.

The photo below is thought to be of the Owensville Grade School pupils ca. 1915-1916.

(No identifications are available.)

Gospel Temple Congregation

This is a picture of the congregation about 1934, after Rev. Wayne Buchanan and several followers established the Gospel Temple in 1931. 

Wayne and his wife Gladys are on the left end of the 3rd row (man in suit and tie).  Incidentally, I (Gerald "Jerry" Spore) am on the front row, 4th from left.