Documents Proving  Land Titles

Gibson County,


Compiled documents relating to proof of land titles.

(Most of the documents were assembled in the 1920's, but often refer to events from much earlier.  There is a tremendous amount of detail referring to proof of family relationships.)

This information is made available courtesy of Don Hoke and the Gibson County Historical Society.


Milton A. Simpson, being duly sworn on his oath says, that he knew William Rainey in his life time, that said William Rainey died in the year 1861 prior to the month of July, that at the time of his death left his widow Nancy Rainey who was very sick at the time and died within a few days thereafter; that in addition to said widow; William Rainey left surviving him as his heirs and only heirs at law, his children Sarah G. Rainey; Willis Rainey; Alberson Rainey; Rosetta Rainey; Wilson Rainey; Mary Ann Rainey and Nancy Jane Rainey and Robinson Rainey; that said Nancy Jane Rainey thereafter married one John Butcher and was the wife of John Butcher in the month of October 1869. Affiant further says that Jane Gourley on the 10th day of January 1883 was widow of Joseph Gourley.  Joseph Gourley departed this life in the year 1877. Signed Milton A. Simpson. Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 16th day of December, 1921 signed Charles W. Benton, Notary Public

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