Documents Proving  Land Titles

Gibson County,


Compiled documents relating to proof of land titles.

(Most of the documents were assembled in the 1920's, but often refer to events from much earlier.  There is a tremendous amount of detail referring to proof of family relationships.)

This information is made available courtesy of Don Hoke and the Gibson County Historical Society.


In the Gibson Circuit Court, Gibson County Indiana, April Term 1896.

Comes now John T. Thompson, Guardian of George Fravel, Emma Fravel, Hattie Fravel, Harvey Fravel, Clarence Fravel, Versa Fravel, Edith Fravel, and William B. Fravel, minor heirs to William B. Fravel (died Feb. 27, 1896) and Sarah T. Fravel (died April 14, 1896), father and mother both deceased. Probate Order Book No.14 page 240. File case No. 1005, Jacket 2  Will of James Smith Dated Nov. 10, 1855, Probated Jan. 25, 1856; Recorded in Will Record F page 92. Relationships listed; Polly Jaquess, daughter; Judy Jaquess, daughter; I give and bequeath to Thomas Smith, my son, land in section 32 and 33, Town 2 south, range 11 west, which lies south of the lands of John Spore, William Kendell and Franklin J. Clark (except one quarter acre including the burying ground, which Lot is hereby reserved and shall ever remain for said purpose a depository of the deceased). Signed by James Smith in the presence of Alex Devin, William B. Jaquess and John L. Whittlesey who in the presence of said testator and in the presence of each other signed as witnesses.

Editors note - a review of the location given indicates this cemetery is the Bethel a.k.a. David Smith.

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