Extracts from early Will and Probate Records of Gibson County Indiana



Page 5 10 Will Book A

Date: 16 & 18 February 1815

Minor children: Benjamin Fields born 16 February 1799

Cynthia Fields born 16 June 1801

Joseph R. Fields born 22 January 1803

Stephen L. Fields born 20 November 1804

Rueben R. Fields born 7 March 1808

Ezekial Fields born 20 April 1813

Administrators: Anna Fields, Abraham Fields

Individuals owing the estate: William Key, Henry Murichs, Samuel Putman, Frederick Rumble

Appraisers: Armstead Bennet, Samuel Gaston, John Milburn

Buyers at sale: 18 February 1815: Thomas Anderson, John Anthies, John Bartin,

Michael Commach, Joseph Cunningham, Payton

Cunningham, Robert Falls, Abraham Fields,

Anna Fields, Elizabeth Fields, John Fisher, Samuel Hogue,

Samuel Hogue Jr., Henry Hopkins, William Johnson,

Turpin Jones, Wyant Hanks, James Kell, Hugh Molholland,

Williams Phillips, James Purcell, James Robb,

James Rush, George Stipes, John Troutman,

Nathaniel West, Thomas West, Jesse Wilke,

Joseph Wright, Samuel Wheeler