Extracts from early Will and Probate Records of Gibson County Indiana



Pages 204-206†† †††††††††† Will Book A††††† Probate

††††††††††† Dates: October 14, 1816

Administratrix: Sally Jones (widow)

Administrator: Will Jones

Buyers at sale: John Alexander, Basil Brown, Alexír Devin, James Duncan, Abram Field, Antoine Gerome, Eli Harrison, Willís Hargrove, George Humphreys, Alexír Johnson, Gen. W. Johnson, William Jones, Sam King, Will Latham, James McClure, Isaac Montgomery, Jas. Montgomery, John Parvin, Chauncey Pierce, Thomas Polke, Hazael Putman, David Richey, Gideon Richey, David Robb, A. Seekright, William Stewart, Geo. R. C. Sullivan, Robt. Williams, John Witherow and Patrick Woods