Extracts from early Will and Probate Records of Gibson County Indiana



Pages 187-192†† †††††††††† Will Book A††††† Probate

††††††††††† Dates: September 2 and 22, 1815

Appraisers: Thomas Archer, Lemuel Baldwin and Thomas Baldwin sworn by John Braselton, J. P.

Buyers at sale: Widow, John Fisher, Jeremiah Harmon, William Harmon, Jeremiah Harrison, William Hartgrove, E. Hogan, Henry Hopkins, David Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Thomas F. Johnson, James Lyon, Timothy Mayhall, Robít McClain, John McMillan, Edward Moore, Nancy Richards, James Robb, James Russell, James Sloan, Isaac Tweedle, James Tweedle and Wm. Tweedle.

††††††††††† Clerk at sale: James Evans