Extracts from early Will and Probate Records of Gibson County Indiana




Page 14 17 Will Book A Probate

Date: Inventory 11 February 1815, Sale 17 February 1815

Administrator: Patrick Payne

Appraisers: Rodom Kenna, Richard Westrope

Buyers at sale: Samuel Baldwin, John Burlin, Daniel Conner, Nancy Conner, Samuel Conner, James Crow, Wrixham Ellis, Robert Falls, John Fisher, William Francis, John W. Grissom, Mrs. Hardy, William Hardy, Jeremiah Harrison, Henry Hopkins, Rodam Kinner, Jesse Key, Simon Key, Peggy Latham, Thomas Louden, Meremeth Makinza, Robert Mosley, Elijah Noles, P. Payne, William Perkins, George Rout, Levi Sherrill, An Slaven, Anna Slaven, Samuel Slaven, Ebenezer Soverns, N. Westrope, Richard Westrope