Extracts from early Will and Probate Records of Gibson County Indiana



Pages 221 Ė 222 & 230 - 234 Will Book A††† Probate

††††††††††† Dates: October 21-22, 1817 & August 29, 1818

††††††††††† Administrator: James W. Hogue

††††††††††† Appraisers: Alexander Devin, Gideon B. Richey and Thomas Spencer. Sworn before J. Neely, J. P.

††††††††††† Debts due the estate: J. W. Davis, Dexter Floyd, Wm Hamilton (lives in Tennessee), Francis Hopkins, James Russell and George Sloans (deceased).

Buyers at sale: Widow, Jno Braselton, William Brittingham, Thoís Chapman, Wm Cochran, Alex Devin, James Devin, Isaac Fleenor, Thoís Fowler, Wm Gasting, William Harrington, Thoís H. Horton, Jas Humes, Wm Humes, John Kell, Samíl King, Jno Kirkpatrick, Elij. Knoles, J. Lathom, Jno W. Martin, Elisha Marvel, Tim Mayhall Jr., J. McMillen, Sr., Jas Miller, John Miller, Jno Parvin, Wm Parvin, E. Putman, Hazíl Putman, Wm Putman, Thoís Price, G. Richey, Thomas Spencer, Robít Stormont, J. W. Widom, Robt Williams, Jno Withrow, Vincent Wood, C. Woods, Jas V. Woods, Jno Wood and T. C. Woods.