Extracts from early Will and Probate Records of Gibson County Indiana



Pages 194-198†† †††††††††† Will Book A††††† Probate

††††††††††† Dates: October 13, 1815

Administrator: Robert Long

Appraisers: Jesse Kimball, Thomas McClure and Simon Williams.

Appraised value of estate items; one barrel $0.05, axe $ 2.30, manís saddle $ 2.50, womanís saddle $ 1.50, plow $ 0.75, gun $ 10.50, kitchen furniture $ 4.31, two steers $ 8.25, one horse $ 15.50

Buyers at sale: Thomas Ashby, Lewis Duncan, Josiah Elkins, Stephen Eton, John Hawkins, Sampson Johnson, James Kenedy, Anne Kenedy, Edley Knole, Herndon Meadows, Harrison Meadows, John McCrary, David Miller, William Miller, James Morris, Pollard widow, Randolph Rogers, Archibald Simpson, William Simpson, George Smith, Abbe Sullivan, Thomas Travers, George Williams and Simon Williams

Accounts due to the estate: James Anderson, Hugh Davis, William Downey and Herndon Meadows.

Accounts against the estate: Miles Armstrong, Davis Benson, Thomas McClure, George Smith, John Wasson, Henry Watson and George Williams